Killian Jones. Captain Hook. A man of many names, many different versions of himself. From a Navy Lieutenant to a pirate captain, the British heartthrob is every girl’s dream bad boy.

Many will say that Hook’s transition from villain to hero is one of the most beautiful developments in TV history. I asked my followers on twitter for some of their favourite Killian moments to help compile this list.

The Best Things About Killian Jones:

1. His Redemption

Killian Jones first came onto Once Upon A Time in season 2, as a swaggering, cocky and downright smoldering pirate. But by the end of season 6, he was a loving, compassionate husband and hero. Hook’s redemption wasn’t immediate, and by season 6 it was still ongoing. But the thing that we love about his development arc was that love changed him, his broken heart was healed, and he managed to find the good man inside himself again.

Hook went through many struggles; losing his brother, losing Milah, killing his father. But it took finding Emma, finding Storybrooke, finding a family for him to let go of his haunted past. As he once said to Ariel, “love brings nothing but wasted years and endless torment,” but our beloved pirate managed to prove himself wrong.

2. His Humour

Something about the way that Colin O’Donoghue portrays Killian Jones just can’t help but make me smile. There is always an air of sass and hilarity to the character that O’Donoghue just plays to perfection. He often has small, witty comments that are just purely hilarious and consistent since he joined the show in season 2. That being said, O’Donoghue also performs the dramatic and highly serious quality of Hook to a whole other level, his acting talent is just stunning in every way.

Honourable Mention: Old/Wish-Realm Hook

This character was by far the funniest on the show. Seeing one of the most attractive men on the show (one I am very fond of) dressed in a ratty grey wig and with a huge beer belly had me on the floor. The difference in the way Old Hook spoke and acted was just purely magical and to see him again in 7×02 was the best surprise I’ve ever had.

3. His Kindness

Now, we know he hasn’t always been kind. I mean, Hook did kill countless people and harm god knows how many more. But, we see a progression of his kindness from the end of season 2. Hook joins the heroes to help save Henry in Neverland, thus becoming a hero himself.

He selflessly travels to New York to bring Emma back to her family and works hard alongside the heroes to defeat the threat of Zelena. He traded his ship for the woman he loves and took care of her son when he lost his real father. It is impossible to say that Killian Jones is a kind-hearted, warm and loving person beneath the leather exterior.

4. His Looks

Twitter told me to put this in, so here it is. It’s undeniable that Killian Jones is attractive. Those leather pants? Yum. It really must be said that guyliner never looked so good. And one of the best things about Killian Jones is not just that he’s hot as hell, its that he knows it. And flaunts it. “A devilishly handsome pirate”? We agree. We definitely agree.

5. His Heart

Killian Jones loves Emma Swan. That much is clear. I could do an entire other article about how much Killian loves Emma. To see him open his heart again, see past the broken nature of losing his first love to letting himself love again shows such a wonderful transition in the character.

But Killian’s heart doesn’t just stop with Emma. Killian loves his stepson Henry as if he were his own, he loves his parents-in-law, he loves his half-brother, Liam. Hook loves so much and so many, and it’s truly beautiful to witness on screen. And (SPOILER!) we now get to think about the fact he can love his child.

The Many Versions Of Killian Jones:

We have been blessed with many versions of this character, from a cowardly deckhand to a powerful Dark One. And I asked my followers on Twitter for their favourite versions of this character.

#1 Killian Jones

Now of course the consensus was that Killian Jones was the one and ultimate favourite, the pirate that we know and love. And I wholeheartedly agree.

The man we see at the end of 7×02 is a husband, a soon-to-be father and a hero. And to have witnessed such a development in a character was truly a joy to witness.

#2 Captain Hook

Technically he’s the same as the previously mentioned version, but this version of Killian Jones lacks the development that makes him who he is in Storybrooke. This is the pirate.

The man who takes what he pleases and answers to no crown. And we love every inch of the flirtatious, cocky and confident captain. Hence why he gets to be number 2 on the list.

#3 Dark Hook

Honestly? I have mixed emotions about Dark Hook. Because man, I hated him in those two episodes due to his cruelty towards Emma and the return of his lust for revenge. But, I’m torn. Because he is just excellent. And hot. DH is hilarious in the way he says everything he has been bottling up.

Also, the fact that in the end, he manages to see the light and take the fall to save Emma’s family shows that even when plagued with darkness, the good man is always inside.

#4 Lieutenant Jones

What can I say about Lieutenant Killian Jones other than that he is so soft? Before losing his hand and brother, Killian Jones was a kind, gentle and loving member of the navy who loved his brother more than anything. He was so proud to be a part of his brother’s crew, to be fighting for the king and sailing the realms. And he was ripped away from that life in the worst way, even though the pirate we all know and love was born from such heartbreak.

#5 Detective Rogers

We haven’t seen much of this new version of the character so far, only enough for two episodes in fact, but there is no doubt in my mind that he is definitely a good cop with a good heart.

Rogers is wonderful, despite knowing he is missing something (his daughter), he strives to be the best cop he can be and protect the city of Seattle. I can’t wait to see more of this version of Killian Jones.

What’s your favourite version of our smoldering pirate? Comment below or tweet us (@dailyfandomtv) or me (@hooknleather) and let us know!