The Daily Fandom has an outstanding Kickstarter to promote, with less than 17 days left; The Royal Book Of Oz — by Ruth Plumly Thompson and Sara Richard — needs your help with funding! With a goal of 15,000 and pledged so far 9,719, The Royal Book Of Oz is a wonderful story in the Oz lore, the 15th book in the Oz series. This will be the first written by Ruth Plumly Thompson. Originally released in 1921, the series’ creator was the source, L. Frank Baum.

Unfortunately, Baum passed away in 1919, however, the manuscript for the Royal Book of Oz was said to have been completed before that. Years later, as it happens, their origins were revealed. Clover Press is aiming to celebrate the work of this forgotten female author. They are releasing a brand new edition of The Royal Book Of Oz. It will feature updates and new illustrations by Sara Richard. The edition will further feature an afterword by Eric Shanower. If you are a fan of the series and want to support creators making content, please do support this wonderful release.

Tiers For The Royal Book Of Oz

  • $15 (or more) — Digital Edition.
  • $22 (or more) — Just Give Me The Pins!
  • $30 (or more) — The Royal Book Of Oz.
  • $38 (or more) — Book And Bumper Sticker.
  • $50 (or more) — Book SIGNED EDITION.
  • $54 (or more) — Book And Lunch Box.
  • $70 (or more) — Book Plus 12 Art Prints.
  • $75 (or more) — Slipcase Edition of The Book.
  • $80 (or more) — Book And Postcards!
  • $90 (or more) — Retailer Tier.
  • $99 (or more) — Book and Enamel Pin Set.
  • $125 (or more) — Slipcase Edition And All Rewards!

An Exclusive Preview