Keep Me Posted web series will have you wanting to keep them posted on all social media because it’s excellent. Let me tell you about Keep Me Posted‘s central characters relationship… with their cell phones? Is there any other relationship that matters? Exactly. Let’s chat, in text, about this web series?

Keep Me Posted: The Characters

In Keep Me Posted there are three main characters in this show. Ali is a list-maker, kind of like me, she schedules everything. By everything, I mean EVERYTHING. The night before she is slamming in her phone what the next day looks like granted she has the right mindset we all need to have. She doesn’t need Facebook to remember birthdays; she knows because it’s on her phone.

“Keep Me Posted is written and directed by Hillary Nussbaum and produced by Pitch Her Productions, a non-profit production company dedicated to promoting women in film. The series boasts an all-female producing team and is committed to promoting diversity both onscreen and behind the camera.”

She is the only one out of her friends that’s “together,” you know that friend that is just adulting so well — that’s Ali. This all changes, though, when she moves in with her fiance. Then her world is turned upside down like Fresh Prince of Bel Air. That is when she has to adapt to being together with someone and realizing that she doesn’t have her life together as everyone makes it seem.

Kavita is the old friend from high school you haven’t talked to in three years, except she’s not. However, she does make you feel that way when you talk to her. She had to move back in with her parents, and that caused a rift in her “togetherness,” but she lands a dream job, moves out, and is finally okay, right? Well, even if you have it all together that doesn’t mean you still aren’t sad. Kavita learns that.

Keep Me Posted

Kavita realizes that this isn’t a temporary funk and it may be something more then what she thinks. Becca is the third friend, a romantic and idealist. She is continuously visualizing about the private lives of the people she meets day to day. She wants to be a writer, but she realizes that living in her head isn’t the same as living in reality. Her dreams are starting to appear as just that. Becca is learning that even after losing her job and becoming a writer, she must take risks in life.

Keep Me Posted: The Web Series

Keep Me Posted is a web series about our relationship with technology and social media. How that dictates how we view things, how we do things, and ultimately… how we live our lives. How social media shows friendship and can social media hinder harmony? Can it cause you guys to grow apart? Keep Me Posted keeps you posted on just that.

“As Keep Me Posted tackles the contradictions and ironies of modern life with humor and heart, it asks the overarching question: is staying connected really the same as truly connecting?”

You can watch three episodes of this marvelous web series on you won’t want to miss out on this excellent web series. They also have a Seed & Spark campaign, too!