Katy Keene And The City In Archie And Katy Keene #3

For many like Katy Keene, New York City is the city of dreams. It was the city that made her realize what she wanted to do with her life. She now has a chance to go back and meet an investor interested in her work. It sounds like a dream come true, so why does she not feel keen on the idea? Well sadly, readers don’t get answers here, but they do get a fun story with a heart and comedy. In the last issue, all of Riverdale was trying to find out who Katy Keene is.

Betty, Jughead, and Sabrina however needed to find out right away. After an awkward introduction, the group gets an interesting interview with Katy. On the other side of town, though, Archie is sulking on a bench over the low views of his recent music video. As he sits in the rain, Veronica pulls her limo over to talk to him. During the chat, readers find out they both aren’t fans of Katy Keene. When Archie leaves, Veronica gets back in her limo and begins to think of a plan. What is the plan? Well, let’s find out Veronica’s scheme in Archie and Katy Keene #3

A Plot Fit For A Fashion Icon

The issue began with Katy Keene and Sis hanging out quietly at home. That moment is disrupted when Veronica suddenly bursts into their house. Veronica begins by offering Katy Keene the opportunity of a lifetime. She tells Katy that she has an investor in New York who would love to meet with Katy tomorrow. As Katy begins to ponder the idea, Veronica mentions that she has a jet at the airport that can take the entire gang with them to New York. Veronica then leaves Katy’s house to get everything ready for tomorrow.

Veronica offers Katy Keene and opportunity of a lifetime in Archie and Katy Keene #3.
Credit: Archie and Katy Keene #3, Archie Comics, 2020.

As Katy feels a bit unsure about the situation, Sis tries to calm her down. She tells her it’s okay to feel unsure, but Katy should never turn down a free trip to New York. The next day at the airport the gang begins to think Katy isn’t going to show up. When they begin to lose all hope, Katy and Sis show up fashionably late. When they arrive in New York, the gang spends some quality time together before the meeting. Later that night, Veronica, Katy, and Sis meet up with the investor. They then begin to talk about Katy’s future, where things don’t go according to plan.

A Rising Star In Archie And Katy Keene #3

With Archie and Katy Keene #3 being part three of a mini-series, readers are coming close to the end of this story. At this point, it is unknown where the story is going, but one thing is certain Katy Keene needs her own series. Since readers have got a taste of who Katy Keene is as a character, this issue will want more. When creating any character it’s best to add layers to them, it makes them more interesting to the writer but also to the reader. Katy Keene has a ton of layers of a character and as much as the writer loves writing about her, fans love reading about her.

Katy Keene if feeling unsure about a recent opportunity.
Credit: Archie and Katy Keene #3, Archie Comics, 2020.

She is more than a fashionista, she’s still a young woman trying to understand who she is. If a solo series comes out based on who she is in this mini-series, Archie Comics will have a home run series on their hands. Plus, the artist could have so much fun in the book too. They would be able to design so much and give many ideas to readers and future fashion icons today. It’s the opportunity of a lifetime, and Archie Comics needs to make this comic a reality soon. Katy Keene has brought a new style to this series and hopefully, this isn’t the last time fans see her.

A Splash Of Fashion In Archie And Katy Keene #3

In Archie and Katy Keene #3, there is a wonderful scene featuring a splash page that makes this issue a joy to read. In every issue of this mini-series, Katy makes new outfits for the teen girls of Riverdale. As she makes different outfits for women she never designs anything for men, until now. In this issue, Katy finally designs an outfit for Archie and let’s just say he’s never looked better. Even if it’s just a new jacket and shirt, Archie is ready for a night on the town.

The Gang sits together talking about Katy Keene in Archie and Katy Keene #3.
Credit: Archie and Katy Keene #3, Archie Comics, 2020.

With everyone looking just as stylish in an awesome splash page, Jughead doesn’t participate in all the glitz and glamour. Instead of being a part of this moment, he hilariously declines with, “Why mess with perfection.” It’s placed perfectly in this book and it will make readers laugh every time they see the panel. It’s a wonderful addition to this issue that makes it a great read for Archie fans.

Archie’s Soulmate

After two issues of melancholy, Archie readers finally get a break. For the first two issues of this mini-series, Archie has been such a downer. As it’s understandable why he feels so depressed about Katy Keene showing up in Riverdale, his attitude never changes. Instead of Katy Keene being a motivation for Archie to work harder, he just complains about her. He was starting to become a low point in this series until Archie and Katy Keene #3. As he is still moppy in this issue it is short-lived. Archie and Katy Keene #3 decides to use Archie’s melancholy attitude to create a fantastic scene between Archie and Sabrina.

Jughead Narrating the story being told.
Credit: Archie and Katy Keene #3, Archie Comics, 2020.

When everyone arrives in New York, Sabrina decides to have her own adventure with Archie. After the adventure becomes a bust, Sabrina knows something is bothering Archie. Instead of ignoring the problem or finding a quick fix, Sabrina sits him down to talk. The short dialogue between the two characters is done so well that readers are going to wish it was longer. This moment shows how a healthy couple figures out problems together and after this page, many readers will want this couple to stay together forever. Now, with Archie finally letting out all these feelings, maybe he can get back to being the fun redhead everyone knows and loves.

Fashionable Thoughts For Archie And Katy Keene #3

Archie and Katy Keene #3 is a great comic that needs to be a part of your Archie Comic collection. It’s a comic that’s not only fun and hilarious but also contains smart writing. I would have never thought that Archie would have an example of a healthy relationship in this issue. I just wish the scene was longer. It was so wonderful to see how this couple works so well together. I don’t know about anyone else, but Archie and Sabrina might be my OTP after this.

An alternate cover for Archie and Katy Keene #3.
Credit: Archie and Katy Keene #3, Archie Comics, 2020.

This issue also adds layers to Katy that I never would have thought were there. The book makes her a more relatable character that many would love to read over and over again. Archie Comics needs to make everyone’s dreams come true and create a solo Katy Keene series. They will regret it if they don’t because when this mini-series comes to an end many are going to want more of this character. This issue wonderfully continues the stylish story of Katy Keene and you won’t want to miss what comes next.

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