Kate Hackett Productions Releases Political Sketch ​’The Concession’


Kate Hackett Productions (Classic Alice) is launching ‘The Concession‘, a humorous political sketch inspired by the US election cycle and the concession speeches from politicians.

We’ve heard a lot of concession speeches this election cycle: the good, the bad, the ridiculous. Now one woman shows us a new kind: the very personal. He thinks they’re just breaking up. She’s determined to concede with the best of them.

Hackett, who sees the The Concession as “a timely piece“, has taken inspiration from the current political state: “We have politicians refusing to concede, and when they do it’s fairly ridiculous. I love the idea of someone giving a concession speech at the end of their relationship”, says Kate. “It’s weird, its’ funny and so topical”.

In The Concession, Carl breaks up with his girlfriend, not knowing that she has some other ideas and isn’t about to let him have the last word. If her relationship really has to be over, she’s at least going to make him listen to her concession speech.

Written and produced by Kate Hackett, The Concession will be starring Hackett herself as well as Brendan Bradley (Frankenstein M.D., Elementary). The sketch has been directed by Josh Compton, who also directed popular web series Classic Alice.

The Concession will be released on Kate Hackett Production’s Youtube channel on June 7th at 9AM (that’s right, on the day of the CA primary!).


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