‘Kate and Joe Just Want to Have Sex’ Premieres June 21st

Kate and Joe Just Want to Have Sex

Kate Hacket Productions has got a new project for the summer! Kate and Joe Just Want to Have Sex premieres on June 21st on their Youtube channel.

This comedic limited series explores the consequences of life getting in the way of a new couple who just want to consummate their love. For some reason, everything in Kate and Joe’s life, from headaches to cards to board games, keeps getting in their way of taking their relationship to the next level. Kate Hackett explains that the concept behind this series started out as “a silly little Internet joke about being adults and how much less fun a lot of things turned out to be”.

The web series is written by and starring Kate Hackett (Classic Alice) and Joe Starr (Honest Trailers), and directed by Chris Yule (Mermates, The Common Cult). When talking about working with Joe Starr, Hackett said “Writing K&J was actually wonderfully simple – Joe and I are both improv actors, so we are great at coming up with goofy stuff on the spot. He’s a fantastic comedian with awesome instincts, so his episodes were always a joy to read!”

The first episode, titled “Migraine Sex” will premiere on June 21st at 12 PM ET (9 AM PT). New episodes will come out every Tuesday on their Youtube channel.

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