Kaito Kid is a manga and anime character in the Case Closed universe and one of the most popular characters in the series as it is. But what some people may not know is that Kaito Kid already existed way before Case Closed in a manga called Magic Kaito. Magic Kaito was first released in 1987 and is originally by the same creator as Case Closed: Gosho Aoyama. It’s been over 25 years since then, but it seems like his story is going nowhere.

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Kaito follows his father’s steps

Aoyama ditched the manga when Case Closed became an instant hit. However, he didn’t ditch the story, as Kaito Kid was incorporated in the Case Closed manga and anime. Kaito Kid is now one of the most popular and loved characters in the story and due to his popularity, an anime version consisting of 12 episodes was released in 2010. Ironically, little about him is known in Case Closed. To know his full story, goal and purpose, it’s necessary to either read or watch Magic Kaito.

It’s only in Magic Kaito where we learn everything behind the character of Kaito Kid. His real name is Kaito Kuroba, and he’s a normal teenage high school student, just like Shinichi Kudo. He even has a childhood female friend who looks exactly like Ran Mouri, Aoko. One day Kaito learns the truth behind his father’s death: he was actually Kaito Kid, a thief who stole gems in the night. After finding out why his father was a thief, he follows his steps and puts on the white suit to continue the work his father started. So why steal in the first place? To interfere with a secret organization’s quest to find the Pandora Gem, a gem that is said to glow bright red in the light of the moon and that will grant immortality to whoever has it. Kaito Kid’s purpose is to find that gem and destroy it.

Conan and Kaito in Movie 14: The Lost Ship in the Sky

In Case Closed, the only thing we know about Kaito is that he is a thief that steals gems in the night and, sometimes, returns them as if he wasn’t interested. But none of the characters know the reason behind that act and he’s seen just as a criminal. However, he’s not a killer or an evil person. He’s actually saved Conan many times and engaged in several conversations with him. Despite being very close, Conan has never been able to catch him. In fact, he’s let him go in several occasions due to them helping each other with always the promise of “I’ll catch you next time”. In the first episode he was in, Kaito told Conan his thoughts on the detective/thief relationship:

A thief is a creative artist who takes his prey in style. But a detective is nothing more than a critic, who follows our footsteps…

Despite those words, Kaito and Conan respect each other. And, after all these encounters, I’m sure they would trust each other to fight if they ever had the same enemy.

We’ve talked about where Case Closed is going. With no plans of resolving Conan’s story still in the horizon, is there any possibility of seeing Kaito’s story resolved? Will he explain his story to Conan? Will Conan tell him he’s Shinichi? And, more importantly, will they join forces to beat the Black Organization and the Unnamed Organization that killed Kaito’s dad? We’ll have to keep waiting.