Juicy is a Digestible Productions web series about Zach and Karma, two young people working in an organic juicebar. If you happen to have some free today, this is our recommendation!

Written, directed and produced by Aliya Kanani and Meghan Warby, the series stars Dustin George as Zach and Aliya Kanani as Karma. The first season was posted on January 17th and it contains six episodes, each one of them being around 3 to 5 minutes long.

Yes, even for web series standards, Juicy is a short series. The plot isn’t too complicated either. In fact, there’s barely any plot at all. Instead of that, each episode works like a sketch about the two main characters and the particularly funny interactions they have with each other and with their clients, who are often confused about what’s going on in that store.

There’s not a lot of characterization for the characters either as we barely know nothing of them. The only thing that we know is that they believe that “normal” equals “boring” and that they prefer natural, organic stuff (or so they say). The thing about these characters is that sometimes it’s hard to discern how much the creators really meant or if they were just being ironic all the time. Don’t scratch your head too much, though. What makes Juicy worth watching is the smallest details like its cheerful original music, the fact that they start every episode with a funny quote on the board sign or the ridiculous music montages. For the short amount of time it has, Juicy manages to be just what its title implies: original, quirky and even self-reflective on the latest organic lifestyle trends.

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