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Archie Horror One-Shot — Jughead: The Hunger Review

Jughead: The Hunger

Archie is going dark, well, more mysterious than Riverdale is. And, that’s tolerably dark. In this one-shot turned series (check out Jughead: The Hunger #2) Jughead is feeling a bit weird. He’s more angry, eating a ton more, and feeling a bit… on edge, you know?

The script is by Frank Tieri, art is by Michael Walsh, letting is by Jack Morelli, and colors by Walsh and Dee Cunniffe. And, they do a fantastic job at this one-shot turned series. I cannot wait for more installments of this unusually astonishing obscure series.

Jughead Has The Hunger…

In this series, we learn a little bit more about who Jughead really is… if we ever knew who he was. This issue begins with an older lady going down. Her head gets chopped off, which is as grim as you can get. From just the first page you get the idea that there’s a Riverdale Ripper running around. Someone who is murdering people and getting away with it. Crazy, right? No one knows who it is, but — we will soon find out.

In the last panel of the fourth page (pictured above as well), you see a hand in the corner of the screen. It is not an ordinary hand; it looks like a werewolf hand. On the next page (not pictured), we see an entire arm that looks like a werewolf arm with the same older lady’s head in his hands. We now know a glimpse of who we are dealing with in The Hunger. And, it doesn’t seem like anything nice. 

…For More Than Just Burgers

After you read these two pages and panels, you then get into the innocentness of the Archie gang. Jug is just eating his daily hamburger topped with pizza, fish, fries, lobster tails, and whatever else he could find. He is remarkably hungry from what it seems. Weird, huh? Not as weird as usual, but Jughead never eats his burgers with pizza, fish, fries, and lobster tails on it. Trust me, Jughead is not that weird.

Reggie and Jughead are then shown having a spat, a friendly spat, but Jughead is acting especially weird about it saying:

“And he’ll get his one day. That’s a promise.”

That’s vengeful, even for Jughead Jones. Later on in the issue, we find out that the older woman at the beginning of the scene is Mrs. Grundy. A lot may have known this was Grundy before, but since she has been depicted as so many different ages, you can never be too sure in a Riverdale comic.

Innocent old Mrs. Grundy is dead, and the “Riverdale Ripper” has struck again. Everyone then becomes saddened by the news, especially Jughead. We then find out as readers that Pop, Ethel, Bingo, and now Grundy have all been murdered by the “Riverdale Ripper.”

Later on, you find that everything is unraveling slowly but surely. Jughead somehow starts getting symptoms of a werewolf and ends up murdering Dilton. By accident? Or on purpose? In Jughead’s reasoning, I would say by accident. He doesn’t exactly know what he is doing and wouldn’t/couldn’t hurt a fly.

Jughead Has A Bloody Hunger…

I guess we will never know. However, Jug wakes up covered in blood, and that is when he wonders what the hell is going on? That is soon when he realizes that he is the Riverdale Ripper. Archie, his best pal, knows about Jug because he saw him on his way home. Good ol’ Archie always looking out for Jughead. So endearing.

Archie is willing to help Jug deal with this, but he is confused and frantic about the entire situation at hand. His best friend is the “Riverdale Ripper,” and what is he going to do about that?

Betty comes to find Archie and Jug talking on the steps and starts beating the crap out of Jug. It turns out, she’s the one who kills these things… so like something Betty would be doing in an issue like this. Betty then becomes irate and pulls out a gun to murder Jughead. Archie then steps in front of Jughead and saves his life because Archie is a real pal. Sometimes.

Jughead: The Hunger — Where Did Jughead Go?

What makes this issue superb is — Betty, the entire time of their friendship, was just trying to find a good time to take out Jughead. Kill him, essentially. Her family has a history of killing these mythical beings, and she is a part of it. She became friends with them so she can keep Jughead close and watch him so when he becomes this werewolf she would have a reason to have killed him. She was onto it all along.

Archie talks Betty into trying to save Jughead rather than just shooting him. So, they take him to the botanical gardens and help him out, kick his ass a little bit, and then it appears they have saved the day… somewhat.

It seems they had fixed everything and it was back to normal. However, Jughead leaves town and leaves a present behind. Reggie’s body. Jughead was as good as dead. And, Betty will make sure of it.

Worth The Read?

I would be lying if I said no with all ten marks. This issue is great in many, many ways. It’s dark, yet colorful at the same time. It is grim, yet coming of age at the same time, too. There are so many pros about this issue and no cons in my humble opinion. It gives you some grit, some friendship, and the Archie gang?

I love all three of those things in a comic issue, so I was set. The art is pleasantly beautiful in a ton of ways. The style of the art, the werewolves are actually remarkable and scary to look at. It is enjoyable.

All around a pleasant issue to read. I would say I can’t wait for the next one… but, it’s here! While #2 is not a direct second installment from the one I will be reviewing — I feel like they all go together a little bit.

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