In light of Valentine’s Day, Humble Bundle is giving away a few comic book bundles with wonderful comics you may have never heard before. The great thing is you get to pay one to ten dollars for a set of fantastic comic books. It is a great deal. I recently bought the one to five dollar bundle, and Jonesy Volume 1 was one of the many I got.

I have to begin with the outstanding writers and artists on this comic. It begins with Sam Humphries and Caitlin Rose Boyle. Coloring, letters, and cover in the retrospective order: Mickey Quinn, Corey Breen, and Boyle. The designers and editors who are just as important go to Kelsey Dieterich, Jeanine Schaefer, and Shannon Watters.

The Secret Crush Investigation Squad (S.C.I.S.)

In this comic, we get the incredible, cute, and adventurous lives of Jonesy and Susan. In the beginning, you don’t think they will end up being friends. Susan comes off as a popular rascal type, but a good ending happens. She is the opposite of that!

Susan and Jonesy end up being perfect friends by the end of the volume. I, in the same light, began to love their friendship. They end up being a fun pair. Susan and Farid are the only two who know about Jonesy’s secret powers. You could say those are her best friends.

The Star of Jonesy Volume 1: Jonsey

What I love about Jonesy is her adolescence. Although she has these superpowers and this semi-rough go in high school, she is so cool. Why doesn’t everyone think she’s cool is beyond me. She is one of the coolest high schoolers that I know.

Jonesy appears to be younger than that, but assuming prom – they only have that in high school (from where I come from), so I am assuming she is in high school. Jonesy’s dad is also tremendous and adorkable (Jonesy’s words not mine!)

The superpower of Jonesy is an interesting one, but a likable one. Essentially, Jonesy can make people fall in love with whatever she wants to, except herself. She cannot make anyone fall in love with herself, which causes some turmoil in her own love life.

The Iconic Star of Jonesy Volume 1: Susan

A fantastic character in this story by the name of Susan does so much for the volume. She is openly lesbian or bisexual. We don’t know for sure, but either way, I think the representation is outstanding. Whether she is bisexual or lesbian, I think it’s a beautiful thing to show that in a comic at such a young age.

Showing how ordinary it is, when she mentions that her mom won’t let her date yet, it is a healthy conversation. Susan doesn’t mention that her mom won’t let her date because she is bisexual or lesbian. Her mom just won’t let her date because she is too young to do so.

The normality of the conversation is outstanding, especially with LGBTQIA+ themes as such. Aside from Susan being an icon, she is also a great person. Not at first, but she ends up being a very great friend to Jonesy. And, that is just what Jonesy needs.

They did not seem like they were going to get along at first but ended up being great friends at the end of the volume. It made me happy to see that and to see Susan talking to her crush.

Jonesy Volume 1 Is Jumpin’ Jehosaphat?!

What I love so much about this volume is the adolescence and how realistic it is. If you ever remember high school and think of it fondly, I want to know what high school you went to! I was in an awkward stage, with awkward clothes, awkward friends, and crushes just the same. Jonesy is going through exactly what I went through as a youngin.

And, in a lot of ways, she is similar to myself in adolescence which is why I adored this comic endlessly for the writing. It is something spectacular when you read a comic and can feel the puberty and remember the time you were in a similar situation.

It’s truly a gift for the writers and editors to convey that in this comic.

Even the situation with her dad and Jonesy being afraid of her dad dating again. It happens to a lot of teens when they are younger and going through a similar situation. You are worried about that a lot, and I like that Jonesy covered all the basics in this volume. While I may be about two years late, it’s never too late to appreciate a great comic.

Hey, Over Here! It’s Me, Jonesy!

This volume contains four chapters of the first four issues and it goes by quick. It is a fun and quick read which is a great thing. I was having such a blast that I read through it and when I finished went on the hunt for more. I wanted to know more about this comic, the creators, the love and passion they put into it.

On my search, I found out there are twelve issues altogether (you can expect me to read all of them). There are three volumes, so two others one aside from this one. And, Jonesy is still kicking, which is incredible. I can boast up this comic and tell you about every little aspect I enjoyed because there’s nothing I hated. But, this is something you want to read yourself.

You want to be able to adapt and relate to it in your own way. This comic is such a cute read for Valentine’s Day or even the month of love (February). Jonesy in Jonesy Volume 1 is a superhero in my heart, and she’s a force to be reckoned with in the comic world. Here’s to Jonesy, Susan, Donuts, Jonesy’s Dad, and Farid. I cannot wait to experience them again in issue five.

Everything Is A+

The coloring, the writing, and the art are all fantastically done. Between the abstract cartoony characters and the vibrant coloring of the background and supporting settings, you become inflicted in the comic.

Individual scenes are all pink for Valentine’s Day, and I love the brightness of the panels in Jonsey Volume 1. They tell the story. The writing and the speech bubbles are drawn just as cartoony as the characters are and I loved that.

It feels like Jonesy is talking to you as you read the comic. When she yells, you can hear it in your head because of the speech bubbles. I just adore that. I just admire this comic for everything it does and exceeds in doing so.

If you have some time, read Jonesy Volume 1, you won’t regret it; then go on to read 2 and 3!

Jonesy Volume 1 by Sam Humphries, Caitlin Rose Boyle, Mickey Quinn, Corey Breen, Kelsey Dieterich, Jeanine Schaefer, and Shannon Watters. 
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