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Are you in a fandom? Do you have a passion for writing? Are you interested in fandom studies? If you answered “yes” to any of these questions, then this is the perfect place for you! The Daily Fandom is always looking for contributors who want are looking for an opportunity to grow individually and professionally by becoming WRITERS or YOUTUBERS. Here are the requirements to join us!

If you want to be a WRITER…

  • We value quality over quantity, so you have to have good writing skills. Some references or examples of other things you have written (articles, fanfiction…) will be highly appreciated. 
  • One of the factors behind quality content is passion. If you don’t love fandom, fan studies, and fiction, you will probably get bored quickly!
  • You have to be either native or fluent in English.
  • Bonus points if you’re familiar with blogging and writing online content, especially for WordPress.
  • Bonus extra points if you have studies in media, cultural studies or anything related to fandom and entertainment.

If you want to be a YOUTUBER…

  • You have to have a good camera
  • HQ sound is also important. You don’t have to have a professional mic, but at least be able to filter out computer noise, etc.
  • You have to be comfortable talking on camera
  • You have to be able to create your own content, although we would help you with it if needed.ç

If you feel like you could fit for one of these profiles, please write to us at with the following information:

-Name/Alias you’d like to go by
-Age and country of residence

-Fandoms you are in
-Role you would like to have

-Things you would be interested in talking about
-Porftolio/Academic background/Previous experience (optional)

We are looking forward to welcoming you in our team! 😀

The Daily Fandom