BBC’s Thirteenth Doctor (Thirteenth Doctor #1, released October 17th, print, and November 7th, digital) has finally come; to much appreciation and admiration, we have Jodie Whittaker. Whittaker has not always been welcomed with open arms, however, there was controversy surrounding a new female doctor. Nonetheless, she persisted, and The Thirteenth Doctor has been making a name for herself when some thought she wouldn’t. (Even though we always thought she was going to!)

If you have been lovin’ the newest Doctor Who series with Thirteenth Doctor, this will satisfy your long-winded nights without the series. If you have yet to see it, you can pick up this comic series and enjoy an all-new adventure with the Thirteenth Doctor.

No need to fret, Titan Comics has got your back. On BBC Doctor Who: The Thirteenth Doctor series we have Jody Houser as writer, Rachael Stott as artist, Enrica Eren Angiolini as colorist, and Richard Starkings & Comicraft’s Sarah Jacobs and Josh Roshell as letterers.

Who Is In Thirteenth Doctor #1?

Throughout the series, and the BBC television series, we have five consistent characters. Usually, in every season of Doctor Who, you have a gang – this season is no different. If you have seen any of the previous seasons, it is similar to what you know and love from the hit series.

  • The Doctor; a live wire, full of energy with wit added on the side. The Doctor is a charismatic and confident explorer. The Doctor is dedicated to seeing all of the wonders of the universe, championing fairness and kindness wherever she can. Brave and selfless, The Doctor loves to be surrounded by friends.
  • Ryan Sinclair; Ryan is a 19-year-old Sheffield warehouse worker. Sinclair is also studying to become a mechanic; Sinclair loves video games and is great with technology. Sometimes we can find physical coordination tricky, which is called dyspraxic. 
  • Yasmin ‘Yas’ Khan; Yasmin is a 19-years-old Sheffield natural leader. Khan is logical, quick, and the perfect person to have around in a crisis. Khan is a probationary officer.
  • Graham O’Brien; Graham is funny, charming, and cheeky. A well-liked chap from Essex. A family man and an ex-bus driver, his sense of humor is sharp. He has a caring and warm nature that bleeds into his relationships with others. He is from a different generation, but that doesn’t mean he’s not able to be apart of the crew.
  • The TARDIS; Come on, you know the TARDIS, right? Do I need to explain the TARDIS of all TARDIS’?

Now, join the gang and The Doctor on an adventure of a lifetime…

An Epic All-New Adventure For The Thirteenth Doctor

The adventure continues with The Doctor and her friends in Thirteenth Doctor #1. In this first issue, we get adventure, friendship, and so much alien-goodness. Plus, who doesn’t love the 13th Doctor as much as we do? Jodie Whittaker‘s version of the new doctor is fan-tab-ulous and Jody Houser writes The Doctor in such a ball of energy way. It is fantastic to see pan out in comic book form from the series. 

Nonetheless, the writing in Thirteenth Doctor #1 is adventurous, to say the least. After the first few pages and panels, The Doctor jumps right into adventure. There are two aspects to note about this first issue; first, it jumps right into the characters, you don’t get a preface.

Assuming you have read the page before that with a small about (also seen above), you will know who is whom. Second, it is written very well to the point that if you didn’t read those small ‘about me’s,’ you would get the gist of exactly who they are regardless. What Houser does well – in the writing aspect – is showcase those personality characteristics so that they split off the page, and, boy, do they!

The Art Is Grand & Adventurous

Such as the writing by Houser, the art pairs perfectly with the writing throughout this first issue. The art is defined in the best ways possible. At times, when you see The Doctor, their facial expressions are defined so much to the point where you see every crease in their smile. With a show like Doctor Who – to measure up is difficult.

It has a huge fanbase, and, on top of that, it comes with a completely developed story that has already been established for over a decade. However, Thirteenth Doctor #1 does the fandom justice with the art and writing throughout the 20+ pages we get.

If you are worried that Thirteenth Doctor #1 doesn’t do the lore and series justice, it does. This series is so much fun and between the art and the writing, you get a new adventure to partake in. We cannot wait to jump into Thirteenth Doctor #2 and find out just who these alien creatures are. 

I will leave you with this marvelous conversation with The Doctor and Graham (mostly because it made us chuckle!)

Graham: “When you said this was dangerous, I thought it would be more… Alieny. He looks like an ordinary bloke to me.”

The Doctor: “Ordinary blokes can’t be dangerous?”

Graham: “That’s… Fair point well made.”

Thirteenth Doctor #1 by Jody Houser, Rachael Stott, Enrica Eren Angiolini, Richard Starkings, Comicraft's Sarah Jacobs, and Josh Roshell
Thirteenth Doctor #1 is a fantastic addition to the Doctor Who lore. The Doctor, Jodie, is alive and well in comic book medium and on a new adventure. If you have yet to see the newest series, this comic does it justice. You will have a blast!