Meet actor Jin Tae-hyun, whose wife is actress Park Si-eun. After their marriage, they adopted a college-age girl, which became a topic of discussion. Find out his profile, marriage, adopted child, and Instagram summarized below.

About Jin Tae-Hyun
Jin Tae-Hyun

Jin Tae-Hyun’s Profile

  • Name: 진태현(Chen Tae-hyun) Jin Tae-hyun
  • Real name: 김태현(Kim Tae-hyun) Kim Tae-hyun
  • Date of Birth: February 15, 1981
  • Place of Birth: Born in Seoul
  • Height: 177 cm
  • Weight: 66 kg
  • Blood Type: Type O
  • Education: Seoul National University of the Arts

Jin Tae-Hyun‘s mother came from a vocal music background, and he was widely influenced by her in many ways. While in college, he worked as a rapper in clubs and played drums. He is also great in sports such as soccer and basketball.

In 2001 when Tae-Hyun was 20 years old, he passed MBC’s 30th public talent contest and entered the entertainment industry.

Jin Tae-Hyun’s Profile
Jin Tae-Hyun

After that, it took a long time for him to gradually grow from a minor role in a movie to a supporting role and then to a main supporting role, and even after his debut, he was working part-time for a living.

In 2005, he won the Best New Actor Award at the Tsubaki Film Festival for the movie “The Most Beautiful Week of My Life” also known as “My Lovely Week”. After appearing in the dramas like “White Lie” in 2008 and “Temptation of an Angel” in 2009, Jin Tae-Hyun finally started to be remembered by name.

The high ratings of these two productions led to his leading role in “Pure Pumpkin Flower” in 2010. Tae-Hyun had been acting under his real name, Kim Tae-hyun, but changed it to “Jin Tae-hyun” after this film.

He says that the name was chosen to signify “a fresh start with a new heart”. Jin Tae-Hyun also said that he wanted to “make a fresh start with a new feeling”.

Jin Tae Hyun’s Marriage with Park Si-eun

In 2015, Tae-Hyun married actress Park Si-eun. She is currently an actor in the main cast of a feature-length drama.

jin tae hyun family
Jin Tae-Hyun with wife, Park Si-eun

 At the time of her appearance in “White Lie” in 2008, Jin Tae-hyun stated that she had a crush on someone who is now four years younger than her and confessed it to him.

Jin Tae Hyun’s Marriage with Park Si-eun
Jin Tae-Hyun with wife, Park Si-eun

It’s quite unclear what happened in between, but he developed a relationship with actress Park Si-eun, who was one year older than him in the 2010 drama “Pure Pumpkin Flower.” Since the first reports of their love affair, the couple was expected to get married pretty soon.

Finally, they got married in 2015 and have been passionately in love ever since. Since then, they have been in an open relationship and have shown their good relationship on social networking sites.

jin tae hyun adopted college girl
Jin Tae-Hyun with wife, Park Si-eun

Jin Tae Hyun Adopts a College Girl

In October 2019, it was reported that Tae-Hyun and Park Si-eun officially adopted a college student girl, Se Yeon. They met Se Yeon at a child welfare facility they visited during their honeymoon on Jeju Island.

Since then, the couple has maintained a personal relationship with the facility and the girl. More than a year before adopting her, Se Yeon appeared on Jin Tae-Hyun’s Instagram and wrote, “#Niece, I will do what I can for these children. A family was given by the God I believe in.”

Jin Tae Hyun Adopts a College Girl Se Yeon
Jin Tae-Hyun with wife, Park Si-eun and adopted daughter Se Yeon

Of course, she is not my niece, but she has been treating them as if they were her close uncles.

  Further back, in November 2017, Se Yeon went to school. Tae-Hyun wrote on his Instagram wishing her girl all the best for university and blessing her with good wishes.

Jin Tae Hyun Adopts a College Girl
Park Si-eun and adopted daughter Se Yeon

Se Yeon was still in high school when they met, but now that she is a college student and about to enter the workforce, she wanted to be a real parent and support this child. Since becoming a father, Jin Tae-Hyun says he calls his daughter every day because he cares about her. 

Jin Tae Hyun’s Instagram

His Insta is full of love for his wife and daughter. We can also see from his Insta posts that he is very active in donation activities.

Jin tae hyun's wife
Jin Tae-Hyun with wife, Park Si-eun and adopted daughter Se Yeon

Jin Tae-Hyun always writes, “1+1=3, Everyone in my family is doing well” to express their well-being. He seems very happy to have met a companion who shares the same faith and to be able to walk in the same direction.

I thought that Mr. Jin Tae-Hyun looks like Eisaku Yoshida at times, especially for his looks.

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