Jessica Jones Season 2 second trailer is out. Marvel dropped trailer after trailer for us just in time to get us pumped for 2018. With the countless Marvel films coming out, we also cannot forget Netflix Originals getting a new season this year. Jessica Jones is one of them, March 8th.

That means more questions, little answers, and more badassery. What more could you ask for? Marvel has been having a great week as far as we can tell; and, apparently, it only gets better from here.

Killgrave Is Back?

The last two seconds of a man clapping can only mean one thing; Killgrave is back. But, how? Again, this could be all in her head, and Jessica could be imagining that he is back when he really isn’t.

Jessica Jones Season 2

However, this means David Tennant is going to reprise his role; which is excellent news because Killgrave played by Tennant is a unique character in the series. Jessica Jones season 2 will hopefully bring back his wicked ways to the PTSD of Jessica. That means she not only battles her PTSD with Killgrave but what happened to her and her family as well.

What Happened To Jessica Jones?

If you are a fan of the comics, you might already know what happens to Jessica Jones. But, there’s a lot of watchers who don’t read the comics and love the MCU instead. That means, they will be taken on a ride into a new endeavor with Jessica Jones.

That is especially interesting because we will see that pan out on screen. What happened to Jessica Jones and what happened to her family? She has a new obsession with this just like Killgrave last season. Her obsessions usually end up bringing up dark secrets that she didn’t want to hear or know about. Hopefully, we get a few of those this season.

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Jessica Jones Season 2: Are You Excited?

This trailer shows exactly what Jessica Jones season 2 will be capable of. She is more than just a badass who kickass; she is a person who is battling her own demons.

Jessica Jones Season 2

Like everyone in the MCU, she battles with herself and her own demons. Jessica Jones is the epitome of PTSD, not like The Punisher, but in her own way, she has her own PTSD. I can genuinely say I am looking forward to Jessica Jones season 2, before then I will give season 1 a rewatch.

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