Jessica Jones Gets Into A Lot Of Trouble In Jessica Jones #1

Jessica Jones #1

Having no prior knowledge — in a good way — of the new Jessica Jones #1 arc by Kelly Thompson, this came as a surprise Wednesday morning. After Bendis’ departure from Marvel and beginning his stint on DC — someone had to reboot the Jessica Jones arc that we once knew and loved. Kelly Thompson (writer) has artist Mattia De Iulis on board and VC’s Corey Petit as letterer.

Previous characters created by Brian Michael Bendis and Micahel Gaydos.

The Secret Jessica Jones #1 Announcement

This not so secret-secret issue that Kelly Thompson was writing the entire time behind our back is a huge hit. If you don’t know (surprising how you couldn’t) but, I love Kelly Thompson’s work. Previously on Hawkeye (my favorite edition of Kate Bishop).

Currently on Nancy Drew and we have boasted up the first two issues of that marvelous series if you haven’t seen them yet (here and here). However, now we/I am/are getting a third series from Kelly Thompson and I could not be more excited. Bendis sending off Jessica Jones to the perfect comic writer who does everything they touch justice.

Kelly Thompson Is Exceptional!

Enough about that, let’s talk about the actual Jessica Jones #1, right? That is what you came here for! Jessica Jones #1 ended up being a total hit. Coming from a huge Bendis run (which can be found here if you don’t know about it) and a different variety of art-style; it was a shock to have a change in what we know as Jessica Jones. Not a bad change, but any change.

Nonetheless, Thompson, Iulis, and Petit do an outstanding job capturing who and what Jessica Jones is. The writing, by far, is truly great to read. Thompson captures the personality of Jones — in a way that Bendis did too — but in her individual way. When you read Jessica Jones #1 you aren’t comparing Kelly to Bendis and you shouldn’t.

They both do their own version of Jones really well. The story (so far) is captivating. Honestly, I am appalled Marvel kept this a secret for this long with writing such as this. Thompson, Iulis, and Petit are truly a dream team to be behind this legendary character.

The Art & Lettering Follow Suit

After the writing, you have art and lettering. The art — at first — is interesting. The version of Jessica Jones we have here takes an adjustment. We are used to a different version of her and previously we got an entirely different view of what she looked like. However, Mattia De Iulis does an incredible job with the art.

After you adjust to it, you appreciate it for what it is. Not that it was bad at first. It was not bad. But anything different than what you are usually accustomed to is different. So, in this sense, it was just different. After a few pages, you get used to it and truly start to read and get into the story. It only took about a panel or two for me to get adjusted to it.

Jessica Jones is drawn remarkably. Her facial features are prominent and Luke Cage is also striking throughout Jessica Jones #1 as well as her daughter. We get a few surprises from the Runaways pals, Kate Bishop, and even Captain Marvel and Doctor Strange. Which is super fun!

Jessica Jones #1 Is Jam-Packed!

Overall, this packed issue is fantastic. Anyone feeling a bit nervous about opening it should give it a read. You won’t regret it. Obviously being nervous comes with time, after the Bendis run — not everyone can take on the mantle. Nonetheless, if Bendis can trust Kelly Thompson (and so do I) then you can, too. Kelly Thompson is an amazing writer, she has written so many great stories for Marvel and her current run with Nancy Drew is exceptional.

This packed issue isn’t perfect — but it is a 97/100. The plot still has to form, right now, we are left with a ton of cliffhangers. But, there is something incredible there. I cannot wait to see more Luke Cage, more of their daughter, and more of the subtle superhero drop-ins. Here’s to you, Kelly Thompson and more fantastically written Jessica Jones.

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