Jesse Pinkman, the man, the occasional meth head (not all the time), and the love of all of Breaking Bad watchers lives. I mean, seriously, it’s Aaron Paul. What’s not to love?

With that being said, welcome to Bae Watch Wednesday, where I tell you all about the fictional characters you ought to be crushing on. Today we have Jesse Pinkman, the cutest of all cutest characters on Breaking Bad. You ought to know him; he also plays Todd in Bojack Horseman, too.

Jesse Pinkman


Nonetheless, today we are here to talk about Breaking Bad‘s Jesse Pinkman. We will talk about why he is bae, his stint on Breaking Bad, and who he is as a character. Shall we?

Who Is Jesse Pinkman?

Jesse Bruce Pinkman was born September 27th, 1984 (two days after my birthday, which makes him ultimate bae). Pinkman works with White for their drug business, and I know what you are thinking…are you romanticizing a drug addict? I am not. However, aside from the drug aspect Jesse Pinkman is a damn good character and guy. He just got messed up with the wrong crowd, you know?

Jesse Pinkman is a sweet, sensitive, hardworking (when he wants to be) person. You see it in moments throughout Breaking Bad. When Jesse hides his little brother’s pot and says, it’s his and risks getting kicked out — that is a situation that showed he genuinely cared about his brother.

Jesse Pinkman

Look at how pure his soul is — I mean, he doesn’t even want to hold the gun. *Puppy dog eyes*

Jesse Pinkman Is More Than Just An Addict

Everyone treats him just as an “addict” but even when he’s not doing meth, people still treat him that way so he genuinely never wins. He always has the short end of the stick. While Jesse does not do well in teacher constructed classes, he does well when put to work with Mr. White. He might not work great in school, but when put to the test he does work hard… even if it’s making meth.

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Pinkman tries to appear firm on the outside. He wants to be strong, and he doesn’t want it to seem like things people say get to him. His mother and father thinking he is nothing more than a meth-head does make him feel like crap even if he doesn’t show it. When times get hard, you do see Pinkman cry and breakdown.

Pinkman is a softy, yes, but he is strong-willed and ready to kickass just the same. Once second he can be a teddy bear and the next he is prepared to kickass. It depends on the day you catch him.

Jesse Pinkman In Breaking Bad

Pinkman is a main character and deuteragonist in the show Breaking Bad. Jesse is the ex-partner of Walter White and is a small-time methamphetamine user, dealer, and manufacturer. He was previously in Walter White’s chemistry class, but he dropped out.

In his mid-20s, Jesse becomes the partner of Walter’s business in the meth trade. Jesse’s previous names include: “Cap’n Cook,” where he added a little chili powder to make his meth stand out on the market. Jesse is smarter than he comes off in the TV series, at all times he is aware of his surroundings, even despite him doing dense things sometimes.

Jesse Pinkman


Jesse Pinkman Is A Damn Good Friend/Partner

Walter White was his previous teacher and saw something in him before his dropping out. This is why White went to find him to help him cook Meth. He knew Pinkman could do it and he knew Pinkman was going to be the perfect partner. Throughout Breaking Bad, Jesse Pinkman is a trick of all trades.

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He’s reliable, gets tortured and beat up for White on many occasions, gets into massive amounts of trouble with the law, gets kicked out of places back and forth, and people constantly die around him. Pinkman goes through a lot, but he remains reliable to the end.

Without spoiling Breaking Bad and Jesse Pinkman’s storyline, I will say you will learn to love him and feel the utmost sorry for him throughout the series. Plus, Aaron Paul plays Jesse perfectly. Just know you will cry no matter what, there is a high chance for waterworks in Jesse Pinkman’s storyline.

Why is Jesse Pinkman Bae?

Well, why not, of course! Jesse Pinkman has the puppy dog eyes to match to his adorable little personality. He may look like a deadbeat to anyone who watches the show, but Pinkman has a heart full of gold. Jesse Pinkman is my personal Bae because his smile is the cutest thing in this entire world. I mean, tell me this is not adorable as all get out?

Jesse Pinkman


His eyes are also light blue which adds to his adorableness, they’re so crisp and blue, and you just fall into them for a little while… well, before you know it it’s been about two hours, but you know what I mean. Pinkman is also not scared to stand up for himself; he can tell you where to shove it.

Pinkman is not afraid to overuse the word “bitch” under any circumstance, and without a doubt, Pinkman has your back. If you roll with Pinkman, you are rolling with someone who is your ride or die.

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What Is Not To Love?

Jesse Pinkman

My reaction when you tell me there is something not to love…

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