Jensen’s Recent Tweet Sparks Excitement Within The Fandom

With the Supernatural fandom just crossing the first week mark in the month hiatus, everyone has been itching for some hints or promos about the show.

And today fans got what they were looking for.

At 5:37 EST this afternoon Jensen posted the following picture with the caption ‘This place feels familiar. #dejavu #SPN


Not long after the tweet fans have been sharing the photo left and right… Many thinking of one place in particular, purgatory.

There haven’t been many speculations as to how or why Dean (and maybe the other 2/3 of team free will) is in but there is no doubt that they are excited.

Many hope that this will allow another appearance of Benny, Dean’s vampire friend from season 8 who was sent back to purgatory in Taxi Driver.

Not only that, but there have been some people wondering what Dean we will see in purgatory. The opening scene of the 8th season premiere gave us the true view of what purgatory is like, and what Dean became there. Purgatory is a place filled with monsters that turned Dean into even more of a hunting/killing machine then he was before he entered, and with the mark of cain giving Dean and amplified taste for the kill, fans are worried and excited about the possibilities.

A possibility of a season 10 trip to purgatory is exciting news for shippers alike. Destiel, Denny (dean/benny), and Castiel/Benny have all had their jumpstart or highlights in monster hell, and fans hope that whatever pairings go into that place will also have their shot in the pur’gay’tory spotlight.

Do you have an idea for how and why purgatory will make a comeback?