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Jeepers Creepers 3 (2017) Review: Where’d You Get Those Peepers?

Jeepers Creepers, one of the horror genres cult classics. The original film in 2001 was a masterpiece, it wasn’t scary, but it was spooky. Justin Long, Jonathan Breck, Gina Philips are amongst some of the names that were in this cult classic film. A few of them came back in 2017 to reprise their role in Jeepers Creepers 3.

Now, there was a Jeepers Creepers 2 that didn’t do so well. After the first one, it did not seem like they needed to do another one. But, they continued with the story of Mr. Jeeper Creeper. Jeepers Creepers 2 came shortly a few years after the first installment in 2003. Again, a lot of the previous actors reprised their role in this second installment.

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Jeepers Creepers 3: Destined to Fail?

That brings us to the third installment released in 2017. Jonathan Breck and Gina Philips reprise their role in this film, as well as Sergeant Tubbs. Coming 14 years after the second installment of the franchise and 16 years after the first installment. While some can argue that the film did not need another installment at all, they still decided to do it, so let’s review it.

Jeepers Creepers 3 takes nearly 100 minutes to watch (1 hour and 40 minutes). At about five minutes in you already see a glimpse of ‘The Creeper.’ He snatches someone running away from him, and you see him fly into thin air. The voiceovers in this film are mediocre, but it’s not the voiceovers that are mediocre it’s the writing given to them.

“That’s how it picks what parts of us to eat. And it eats to rebuild itself.” This line was supposed to be scary, but instead was cringe-y and kind of funny. Jeepers Creepers 3 begins with uncertainty as lines similar to that are spoken or, “I know it, and it knows me.”

The Setting, The Director, The… Horror?

It feels like it’s trying too hard to be scary. This film is said to be in-between, setting wise, Jeepers Creepers 1 and 2. The director of this film is Victor Salva who is problematic for multiple reasons. Salva was convicted of child pornography and served jail time in the 90s. That is another story in itself, but if you want to look up more information about that

What this film falters in is lack of story, lack of plot, and lack of actually being consistent. This is supposed to be in-between the first and second installment, but the time frame doesn’t make much sense. Again, I just saw both installments this past Halloween, so the previous films are fairly fresh in my mind.

Jeeper Creepers 3 does not do the horror well, ‘The Creeper’ is not truly scary at all. Granted, he was never scary in any of the previous films either. The makeup they give ‘The Creeper’ is not that great and never really has been. However, we assumed that because the film was dated and in 2003 it would get better. Even in this 2017 version, ‘The Creeper’ just looks kind of hilarious.

Is It Worth A Watch?

It was given a 4.1 out of 10 on Rotten Tomatoes, and the audience gave it 2.7 out of 5. Is it worth the watch for me? Not really. Unlike other bad horror films, you can still watch those and get a good chuckle out of it. However, Jeepers Creepers 3 falters in even making one chuckle. If anything it’s cringe-worthy to watch and sit through this entire film.

The character development falters, only ‘The Creeper’ and Philips reprise their roles in the film from the previous installments. The sped up relationship between Buddy (Chester Rushing) and Addison (Gabrielle Haugh) leave me confused. There was no development, at least not enough to peak my interest in the two.

Leave Cult Classics Alone, Hollywood!

This remake reminds of the Transformers reboots with different actors and slightly the same plots. However, what we loved about those previous films were the actors and the fact that after the first or second one we wanted the franchise to be done. If not, we result in overdoing the franchise and trying to milk it for more than it’s worth.

The biggest problem I have with this film are the props and how cheaply directed and produced it seems to be. The props very well look like plastic spears. The mask appears plastic and honestly something out of The Mask with Jim Carrey.

The acting is wholly subpar, everything happens too quickly, and the actors seem ‘fake scared’ half of the time. I can give props where props are due and say the jumpscares are decent. I did jump a few times, and that is what kept me sort of interested in what was next.

What Do We Make Of This Installment?

This film is supposed to fit in the timeline between the first and second installment. However, the exact timeline is: Jeepers Creepers 3 takes place in the four days in between Jeepers Creepers (2001) and Jeepers Creepers 2 (2003). This is interesting because, throughout the film, you would not recognize that.

Since the film decided to come out fourteen years after the last installment, a lot of viewers would have forgotten what happened. This is especially if Jeepers Creepers isn’t something you just turn on to watch every now and again. Usually, what franchises accomplish are referring to past films, but since this film is in-between the two, it has nothing to refer to other than the first installment.

So, instead, you are left wondering and remembering what happened. As a viewer, I would have loved to get a little backstory on what happened. In order to follow a movie, viewers need to remember what happened without actually going back to watch the film.

A franchise that does this correctly is Final Destination. You never have to go back and watch a Final Destination film because they continuously refer to the previous characters or the previous installments. That is what this movie, I feel, failed to do.

↝ The Verdict ↜

This film was supposed to follow directly after the first film. However, the timeline is still a bit spotty. Coming from someone who has watched both films and enjoyed them a lot, I was left disappointed or not remembering much about what happened during the film. If you want to watch a decent horror film just because you liked the other two and want to continue, give it a watch.

I am unsure if you will enjoy it as much as the other ones, but it’s something to watch when you don’t have anything else to watch. I made it to the end because of this review, but if I weren’t reviewing it – I would have turned it off around thirty minutes in.

Spoilers Ahead: The Ending…

The ending is what ties all the films together. But, this is the only aspect of tieing the films together. The ending scene with Buddy going onto a school bus to someplace he says in the film is what ties this into the second installment.

We also get Philips at the end looking at the camera saying: “I will get the thing that killed my brother. Come and get me you son of a bitch.” This means Jeepers Creepers 4 is coming sometime soon. The only hiccup is… none of the actors are the same in Jeepers Creepers 2. I get they wanted to tie it in, but the actor who plays Buddy is not in JC2. There’s no consistency.

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