Jazz Legend #1 is coming out in May 2018 by Scout Comics. Behind the comic is JC Lacek, Vasco Duarte, Christian Docolomansky, and Patrick Gama. The comic is available for pre-order and if the anticipation is too intense, here is a pre-release look at Jazz Legend #1.

This comic is intended for adults; it has adult themes, topics, and writing. Beware when reading that it will contain adult themes not suitable for children younger than 16, to be safe 18+ would be suitable.

What Is The Jazz Legend Series About?

The city is, Motocity. Jazz Legend has found a particularly new drug, and the effects of it are… unlike anything else. You get into a psychedelic dreamscape with visions of animalistic abominations and god-like humanoids. One of the main characters, Martin Comity, lives for two things: 1. Playing jazz, 2. And, his next fix.

His ‘fixes’ come in the form of sex, alcohol, drugs, and jazz… not in that order. When Martin turns to this new drug, it becomes an obsession. He starts to lose his grip on reality, but did he ever really have a grasp on it in the first place?

Benjamin Way starts to take an interest in Martin, he knows about the darkness, and he knows about Martin. That is because he has visions of his own, he knows what Martin is going through. Jazz Legend was inspired by jazz great Miles Davis and the father of beat literature William S. Burroughs.

The Beginning Of A… Friendship?

Jazz Legend #1 begins with a story to tell, an interesting premise of a story. Seeing as this is issue #1, you don’t get too much of the story, but you get enough to want the second issue.

After I finished reading this issue, I wanted more. I had so many questions about Martin, the darkness, Benjamin, and what Martin saw when he was high on drugs. The questions that you have will grasp you into the story and the comic itself.

There’s a science fiction vibe in this comic that really puts the intensity of the plot into perspective. I enjoy science fiction and to have interesting god-like characters in this comic was a surprise, but a good one indeed.

The Building of Something Great

Jazz Legend #1 does a lot of things right. The coloring, the writing, and the panels remain perfectly aligned together. This creates the first issue to shine as you are reading it. In a comic, for me, it all comes down to coloring and color codes. This issue does not falter in any way in that area. The colors resemble the bigger story of the issue.

They are dark, often purples or reds, even browns. The color brown throughout could indicate that the main characters are African American/Black. The club that they are at called, The War Room, is a black-owned jazz club. I really enjoyed the brown during the scenes at the club. It added an extra ‘oomph‘ to the setting of where Martin was.

Even when you get towards the end, the colors are intense. They are much more intense then they are at the beginning of the issue. I enjoyed that. I enjoyed taking a ride with colors throughout this issue, that is one of my favorite things when it comes to comics and comic books. The coloring and the art are just as important as the writing.

That brings me to the writing, in fact. The panels and the speech bubbles fit perfectly with the writing of Jazz Legend #1. This is not hard to follow, it’s not difficult to read, it is smooth. The reading sails along as you read this and by the time you realize it, you are finished. Again, leaving you wanting more from it. More from Martin and Benjamin and this sci-fi story that is intertwined with the two.

The Verdict of Jazz Legend #1

Jazz Legend #1 is fun, it is a fun ride to be on if you like science fiction mixed with some badass characters. Regardless, even if you don’t, you will still have a blast with these characters and this story. It has a promising start to (what I hope to be) a full series.

Even if it’s a miniseries just the same. When you have a change, preorder this gem – it is worth it. I rarely preorder comics (unless I am familiar with them) but in a heartbeat, I would preorder this. Based on the amazingly drawn cover, it’s intriguing.

The art style is different in such a great way — it is refreshing to view another style of art that isn’t just the same ol’ you see. With certain publishers, a lot of the artists and writers are working on five comic books at one time.

I love the diversity in this comic and being introduced to all of these creators for the first time is wonderful. I am inspired and intrigued for the next steps in the Jazz Legend series!

Jazz Legends #1 by JC Lacek, Vasco Duarte, Christian Docolomansky, and Patrick Gama.