The Japan Candy Box is a subscription box that feeds my addiction of having ten random Japanese candy and snacks showing up at my door.

I should probably add that this is a sponsored post, but the opinions offered are of my own nefarious design. You’ll see I’m as reputable as any kid with a sweet tooth and an internet connection.

Japan Candy Box
Look at me with my professional iPhone 5S.

The theme for August 2018 was Natsu Matsuri, which is a summer festival in Japan. The box features flavors that you might expect from going to one of these events like grilled chicken, Hawaiian shaved ice, and edamame. 

The Californian Sun Killed Boruto & The Sumikko Gurashi.

Boruto Energy Gummy - Japan Candy Box

This problem is my fault, not going to lie, but make sure to bring in your Japan Candy Box in quicker than I did. These two gummies candies melted on me and I scraped the goo with my fingers.

Sumikko Gurashi - Japan Candy Box

While it was a little messy, the pineapple in the Boruto Gummy and the grape in the Sumikko Gurashi Grape Candy contained a strong, yet not overpowering flavoring.

The Japan Candy Box Snack As Salty As My Soul

Glico Karu Edamame Potato Sticks - Japan Candy Box

Glico Karu Edamame Potato Sticks share a resemblance with Pocky, its sweet counterpart. If you ever wanted a potato chip that tastes like soybeans, you’ve found your snack. This one most of all has the most addictive qualities as you can munch a couple sticks at a time with minimal regret.

You Should Try Saying Takoyaki Three Times Fast

It might help to know that takoyaki is a ball of cooked batter, containing a piece of octopus on the inside. On top, it’s sprinkled with garnishes like pickled ginger, green onion, and tempura scraps.

These Umaibo Takoyaki Potato Rings don’t taste like the octopus or the wheat flour batter, but the Worcestershire-like sauce that comes drizzled on top. While I did enjoy them, they’re a bit one-note to my taste buds.

I Contemplated Snorting The Sugar…

Of course, don’t make that mistake in real life, kids. This Bin Ramune Powder Snack contains a sugary powder that you suck up with a straw and the container is a wafer that doesn’t taste like anything. It’s a fun gimmick for one taste, but I don’t imagine buying one through my own decision. 

This Snack Is The One You Remember In Your Sleep

If you ever wanted a super crispy pancake, the Osatsu Doki Sweet Potato Chips – Pancake Flavor is the chip for you. It’s mellow, delicate, yet has a strong crunch that gives you the ASMR tingles.

Osatsu Doki Sweet Potato Chips - Pancake Flavor - Japan Candy Box

Truthfully, I would choose this chip over any other chip that I’ve consumed in my life. This type of sweetness lingers on your tongue, but it doesn’t hurt your throat.

The Middle Child Of The Japan Candy Box

While I adored most of the candy in the box, I would say the Yaokin Soba-Meshi Noodle Snack gives me neutral feelings. The food Soba-Meshi is fried Chinese noodles and rice, which is a popular street food.

Yaokin Soba-Meshi Noodle Snack - Japan Candy Box

I’ve never had it myself, but what I could taste was something along the lines of soy sauce in the form of rice pop crisps.

Umaibo Is The Most Delicious Of Sticks

I’m not going to deny this one is my clear favorite. I’m biased towards Umaibo, which are puffed corn snacks.

I grew up with the Taro flavored ones and I could never stop at eating one. This Yakitori Umaibo tastes exactly like grilled chicken and the teriyaki sauce that people adore.

You Should Chew, Chew, Chew For The Love Of Mandarin Oranges

You can’t eat too many of these chewy candies, but they’re sure to wake up your taste buds. These are the Puccho Sakurajima Mandarin that tastes like mandarin oranges from the Kagoshima prefecture.

Puccho Sakurajima Mandarin - Japan Candy Box

They’re a district in Japan known for growing these fruits.  I really liked these because they make your mouth water, while not being too sour.

The Taste Of Hawaiian Shaved Ice Is Sublime

The Koris Kakigori Shaved Ice Ramune Candy is what you need on a hot, sweaty, summer day. You’ll find the sweet strawberry and whatever ‘Hawaiian Blue’ tastes like does help refresh your taste buds! This candy is a crunchy pellet that dissolves into sugar granules on your tongue.

The Daily Fandom Japan Candy Box Giveaway

We will be having a giveaway for this wonderful box that Japan Candy Box has supplied us. If you would like to enter, click the link!