Jang Ki-yong is a South Korean actor and model. In addition, he has appeared in dramas as an actor, and his popularity is skyrocketing!

Jang ki-Yong
Jang ki-Yong

Jang Ki Yong’s Profile

  • 장기용 Jang Ki-yong
  • Born August 7, 1992 
  • Born in Ulsan City
  • Height: 187cm
  • Blood group: B type
  • Siblings: Jang Ki Beom (Older brother by 3 years)
  • Education: Seo Kyeong University Performance Faculty of Arts Model Acting Major

Jang Ki-yong has a special relationship with his brother, who is 3 years older than him.

A childhood picture of Jang Ki Yong with his brother Jang Ki Beom 
A childhood picture of Jang Ki Yong with his brother Jang Ki Beom 

When asked about his relationship with his brother, Jang Ki-yong says, “My brother wrote me a letter for the first time while he was in the army, and it told me a story that we hadn’t been able to tell in the 20 years we’d lived together. It was like a wall that had been there for so long came crashing down. 

Jang ki Yong with his brother Jang Ki Beom
Jang ki Yong with his brother Jang Ki Beom

My brother and I became close friends just as I was entering the workforce, and we grew closer. My brother is a fashion designer and has an office in Busan, where he also holds exhibitions.’’

Jang Ki Yong and his brother Jang ki boem
Jang Ki Yong and his brother Jang ki boem

Jang Ki-yong’s Inspiration on Becoming a Model

When he was in his second year of high school, he saw a video of actor Lee Soo Hyuk walking on the runway and began to dream of becoming a model.

Lee Soo Hyuk, an early inspiration for Jang ki Yong 
Lee Soo Hyuk, an early inspiration for Jang ki Yong 

Watching Lee Soo Hyuk walking down the ramp, sparked something in Jang Ki-Yong and that’s when he decided he wanted to be like him!

After graduating from high school, he moved to Seoul to become a model.

For college, he won the 100 to 1 competition and was accepted into the Musical Theater Department of Yongin University. He is also a student at Seokyung University, Department of Performing Arts, majoring in model acting.

He started his full-fledged modeling career through the 2012 S / S Seoul Collection.

When asked about how he felt when walking the runway for the first time, he said “I was very shy and nervous and thought, I’m just going to try to not fall down.”

At the time of his debut, he had braces on his teeth, and he was worried that it might be a negative thing for him as a model.

However, people in the fashion industry thought that having braces gave a rather boyish image and good impression, so he got many modeling gigs and gained popularity quickly in the modeling industry. 

About a year after his debut, Jang Ki-yong told us that he heard a comment about his look: “Jang Ki-yong has only a boyish image,”. 

This is when he decided that needed to change his image. He said that he would practice manly poses and facial expressions by looking at photo albums and videos of foreign models to improve his style

After that, he managed his weight and straightened his teeth, which gave him a more masculine image, and he received offers for various photo collections with different concepts from the past.

He won the Fashion Model Award at the 2014 Asian Model Awards ceremony and the Best Dresser Award in the male model category at the 2015 Korea Best Dresser Swan Awards.

Jang ki-yong receiving the Fashion Model Award at Asian Model Awards ceremony in 2014
Jang ki-yong receiving the Fashion Model Award at Asian Model Awards ceremony in 2014

Since 2014, he has also appeared in dramas and expanded his work as an actor.

When asked what made you decide to act, he said: “I started meeting different kinds of people while working as a model. And I felt that there were many aspects of myself that I had not yet been able to express. When I started preparing for acting, opportunities presented themselves, and I started appearing in dramas.”

Jang Ki-young’s Timeline as an Actor

2014It’s Okay, That’s LoveThe Greatest Marriage; Seonam Girls High School
2015My Love Eun-dong
2016A Beautiful Mind; Love For a Thousand More
2017The Liar and His Lover
2017Go Back Couple
2018Come and Hug Me
2018My Mister
2019Kill It
2019Search: WWW 
2020Born Again

He has been consistently appearing in dramas since his debut.

Jang Ki-young’s in Music Videos

2013 분홍신 (Red Shoes) by IU

2013 IU 금요일에 만나요 (See you on Friday)

2016 Hong Dae-gwan 홍대에 가면 (If I Go to Hongdae)

He appeared in IU’s music videos twice in 2013 and was recognized as “playing IU’s boyfriend”.

Jang Ki-young’s Girlfriends

Were Jang Ki-Yong And Lee Ye-na’s in a Relationship?

In January 2018, it was reported that Jang Ki-Yong has been dating actress Lee Ye-na for one year.

Lee-Ye na and Jang ki yong
Lee-Ye na and Jang ki yong have been rumored to have dated for about a year

In this regard, they both announced that they had already broken up. This was an acknowledgement that they had been in a relationship.

Lee Ye-na was born in 1993 and is one year younger than Jang Ki-young. Her profile listed her as a “theater actress and TV personality,” but there was almost no history of her activities, so it is hard to say what kind of actress she is.

Lee-Ye na and Jang ki yong

If she was in a relationship, those would have been brought to light, but since she had already broken up with him, she did not attract much attention.

As for his love style, he is said to be someone “who doesn’t express himself much in words, but shows it through his actions. His ideal is “someone who smiles a lot.”

Among celebrities, he cites Ha Ji Won to be one of his celebrity crushes.

Did Jang Ki-yong Have A Crush On former rhythmic gymnast Sung Yeon-jae?

In May 2021, he was reportedly romantically involved with former rhythmic gymnast Yeonjae Song.

Jan Ki-Yong and gymnast Yeonjae Song
Jan Ki-Yong and gymnast Yeonjae Song were only rumored to be dating

It was rumored to be a lovestagram because the two posted a photo of the sea in Busan on the same day on a social networking site.

Jan Ki-Yong and gymnast Yeonjae Song lovestagram
Jan Ki-Yong and gymnast Yeonjae Song lovestagram

In regard to this, Jang Ki-young’s office said “I am not acquainted with Mr. Song Yong-jae. I took this picture when I was in Busan filming a drama.”

He denied it. It seems it was a coincidence.

Jang Ki-young’s Time in The Military

Jang Ki-young, born in 1992, turned 29 in 2021. He enlisted himself in the compulsory military service in late August 2021, just after he finished filming the drama, ‘Now, We Are Breaking Up.’ 

Most people in general go on leave shortly after graduating from high school or while still in college, and most of his friends have completed their military service.

Entertainers usually go just before the military service limit, but it is believed that the wishes of the office will take precedence over the person’s own wishes.

Jang Ki-young’s Instagram

Click here to check out Jang Ki-young’s Insta.

If you follow his Instagram, you’ll see that Jang Ki-yong is working as both a model and an actor, simultaneously. 

Jang Ki-Yong’s Instagram’s main focus is on photos and not much commentary, so it’s easy for international fans to follow!

Jang Ki Yong Celebrating his birthday
Jang Ki Yong Celebrating his birthday
Jang ki yong celebrating his brother's brithday
Jang ki yong celebrating his brother’s brithday
Jang ki yong with his friends
Jang ki yong with his friends

Jang Ki-yong Role Model

Jang Ki-young cites actor Cha Seung-won as his role model. Cha Seung Won is a model-turned-actor and now an entertainer who also does variety shows, and many celebrities look up to him.

jang Ki Yong's role model, Cha Seung-won
jang Ki Yong’s role model, Cha Seung-won

Jang Ki-young says, “Seeing how he started out as a model and now has established himself as an actor makes me wish I could be like him. I admire his looks ,ofcourse, but I want to learn from him.”

That was all there is to know about the very talented actor and model, Jang Ki-yong. 

I wonder when he will hold a fan meeting in Japan! I am looking forward to it.

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