Jack Marshall Can’t Do This Web Series!

The premiere episode of Jack Marshall Can’t Do This by Screen14 Pictures took the web series viewers by storm. Reaching and celebrating over 1,300 views just on the premiere alone.

Jack Marshall Can’t Do This Web Series

Jack Marshall Can’t Do This is about Jack Marshall (Wes Aderhold). Marshall receives an unexpected inheritance with a stipulation that he must stay in a mysterious house in the middle of nowhere for a year.

Seems normal, right? I mean, for a certain amount of inheritance, would you do it? The series follows Jack as he makes or doesn’t make it through this year of living in the middle of nowhere; what makes this web series rad is that it is uploaded in vlog-styled videos.

Meaning that Jack is vlogging in this mysterious house instead of simply making it seem like he is being recorded. This makes it feel personal and realistic because of course, you would vlog in this experience. Jack Marshall Can’t Do This has nine episodes on YouTube now and you can watch them all.

Where, When, How Can I watch Jack Marshall Can’t Do This?

You will want to binge this series, we promise you do not want to miss out on the awesomeness that is Jack Marshall Can’t Do This. The vlogs are about four minutes long, nothing too crazy and super easy to binge. We have watched the first two and Jack is a natural… well, Wes is a natural; but, he is no newbie to the camera scene starring in The Lizzie Bennet Diaries just five years ago.

There are mysterious things about this house that Jack will find out sooner or later and you will watch to stay tuned on what happens at the end. Subscribe to his YouTube vlogs to catch Jack’s video-blogs every Monday, Wednesday, and Friday at 9:00 AM PDT! 

Follow Jack on social media and interact with the story as he documents his adventure through his Twitter, Instagram, and Facebook in real-time. His best friend Donni has an interactive Twitter, Instagram, and Facebook too!

Written by Josh Cobb and directed by Grant C. Hansen. “Jack Marshall Can’t Do This” has an incredible supporting cast as well: Abbie Cobb (Suburgatory, 90210, Mom’s Night Out), Nancy McLoughlin (Jason Lives: Friday the 13th), Victoria Hansen, Dave Huber, Jonathan Kyser, Matthew Keoki Miller and Dash Kennedy.

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