iZombie ‘Zombie Bro’ Review: Party Up, Bro!


WARNING: This review contains spoilers

iZombie keeps teasing the potential trio-friendship of Liv, Ravi and Major. And I say teasing because, even half of ‘Zombie bro’ was the three of them partying and riding back home like a good group of drunken friends, in the end, it really didn’t change much.

The case of the week was quite interesting and had a nice final turn, as it usually happens. There are no fraternities where I live so I don’t have a clear idea how a supposed “fraternity boy/bro” is supposed to behave, but I believe it was quite stereotyped in this episode. As a matter of fact, the majority of scenes in ‘Zombie Bro’ seemed a bit over the top, like it was done more fore the fun, gif-making of having Liv as a party animal rather than teaching us a valuable lesson, like last week’s premiere did. Liv painting Ravi’s face and arranging the skeletons in that pose was still hilarious, though.

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Ravi and Major’s relationship was probably my favourite part of the episode, as well as one of my favourite relationships in the show, period. Sadly, it doesn’t seem like it’s going to last too long. Just like Liv couldn’t really fix much of her relationship with Major (I really thought that at least this episode would serve to bring them closer), his relationship with Ravi is also in danger after he appeared to be addicted to the drug.

There is also a new addition to Blaine’s character as his father Angus, a zombie too, is introduced. Now that Blaine is human, something that I feared would tone down his relevance a bit, I believe Angus will be an interesting element to spice his role for the season.

Lastly, and perhaps this is just a feeling that I have after a very heavy partybro!Liv episode, sometimes I feel like we don’t really get to see much from Liv’s true personality as well as her true feelings and thoughts. Last week I wrote about the consequences of the season finale and the possible change in the way Liv looks at her situation. But it seems like all of that was forgotten in this episode. Perhaps a party!Liv wasn’t the best choice for a second episode when her brother’s accident is still so fresh. I just think it would be best if the brain eating didn’t affect Liv that much, because sometimes it’s hard to know what she’s really thinking. And that is quite problematic given that she’s our main character.


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This episode was like the absolute perfect mix of darkness and humor…it was definitely the funniest episode of the scene with some great one liners – “I hope you like the Jagerbombs and homoerotic subtext” lol. The frat boy jokes/puns were great, but the relationship and interactions of of Liv and Major really stole the show as usual. At first I was laughing at the scene where Major and Ravi hit up the club and do opium, but then they did a great job of really paralleling a real drug come down as it went from being on top of… Read more »