iZombie ‘The Whopper’ Review: Everyone Keeps Digging

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WARNING: This review contains spoilers

Sorry, I just had to make that pun because there was so much digging in ‘The Whopper’! There was literal digging when it comes to the buried corpses with the tainted Utopium, but also figurative digging with characters like Blaine finding out about Major’s job or Clive growing more and more suspicious of Liv. Bad puns aside – this was yet another excellent episode of iZombie.

First of all, I can see how this second season was intended to be over after this episode: certain plot points are being dragged out, while others are being put on hold. However, that doesn’t mean it’s bad writing. Giving this season more episode has resulted into two things: main plots are being treated with more detail and all cases of the week are related to the main storyline in one way or another. And this is the best thing that could have happened to iZombie.

Speaking of the case of the week, remember those two bodies that were buried with tainted Utopium that Ravi couldn’t find? Well, a third seemingly unrelated body has appeared in that same area. The victim this time is one of Mr. Boss’ minions, Big Fish, called like that because he’s always lying. Liv’s brain this week wasn’t that relevant because Liv already lies a lot in this story. In fact, at some points I didn’t even know if she was telling the truth, lying because of the brain, or lying because she would have also lied anyway. The only good thing about this week’s brain is that Clive is finally using his detective skills to realize that Liv always seems to take in personality treats of the victims. Ravi, of course, tries to brush it off, but my money is on Clive finding out about zombies this season.

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The case was certainly very plot-relevant, but I still felt like it was a bit too messy and over the top, to the point that I had to pause the screen and do a mental recap because some aspects were starting to become a bit confusing. The bit in which I was more interested in, though, was Major being caught by Blaine’s minions. Major is smart enough to escape death and offer them a deal: the zombies are actually frozen and he can get Blaine’s father back. However, Major is still not telling him about Vaughn du Clark and Max Rager, but I’m sure Blaine will find out soon enough.

We have always known that Blaine is evil and a ruthless sociopath, but him being willing to turn Major into a zombie (again) and bury him forever sent shivers down my spine. In a way, it almost felt like the writers telling us ‘hey, Vaughn du Clark and Mr. Boss are scary, but don’t forget about good old Blaine!’. David Anders’ performance has always been one of my favourite things from this show, and this was actually the first time that I found Blaine scarier than Mr. Boss.

The past few episodes of iZombie have all been great, and if getting an episode extension means that from now on all the cases of the week will keep being related to the main storyline, I’m already happy it happened. The three villains already seemed like the most exciting part about the series, but then in the end of the episode, Liv, Ravi and Major finally found the two buried corpses, meaning that Ravi can start working on a cure again. Exciting times, indeed!

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