iZombie ‘The Hurt Stalker’ Review: Stalking for Good Reasons?


WARNING: This review contains spoilers

iZombie‘s procedural cases of the week have never been one of the strongest points of the series, but when Clive is found suspect of a murder, now that’s when things get personal and interesting.

A woman with stalkerish tendencies called Regina is found dead in a parking lot. Interestingly enough, she turns out to be Clive’s ex-girlfriend. Well, not really, they used to see each other but Clive soon realized she wasn’t in her right mind. Clive being a suspect is something that has actually done before, as Liv also suspected him during a case from last season (of course she didn’t know him that well back then). This time, we know Clive is not the killer from the beginning and so did Liv and Ravi, which is why ‘The Hurt Stalker’ works more as a way of getting to know Clive than anything else. We weren’t the only ones who found out more about him, though, as Ravi and Liv were also surprised to learn some interesting things, like the fact that he plays the piano or that he’s a huge Game of Thrones fan. Aside from that, I really missed some flashback that featured Clive and would let us learn more about him and his past.

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Here to ruin everything

The most interesting part of this case is that Liv ate the brain of a stalker, which played a very important role in her relationship with Major. After a blissful start, it seemed like Liv’s zombie problems might lead to some turbulence in their new relationship. ‘The Hurt Stalker’ was another proof of how unstable they are, even though it seemed like Major understood her situation and was able to look pass those things. Furthermore, the thing that Major was hiding in his safe was actually her engagement ring (I really thought it was going to be something related to his zombie hunting activities). Just as I was about to congratulate Major for being a supporting boyfriend, Liv finds out that he’s actually seeing someone: Regina. Liv doesn’t get to see her face in the picture, but I’m sure she’ll find out about her soon. One thing that wasn’t clear to me is whether Major has moved past his affair with Regina now that he’s with Liv or if he would have replied positively if he had seen the text. Eitherway, a new crack has appeared in their relationship.

That’s not the only interesting thing about Gilda/Rita though, who keeps gaining more and more relevance as the season progresses. She’s actually not happy at all that Liv, “the zombie test”, and Major, “the zombie hunter”, are back together. She’s also worried about the police finding out about their activities. Vaughn Du Clark, on the other hand, doesn’t seem too worried. There’s a building tension between these two characters and I can’t help but wonder whether Gilda’s plan will soon be to take down Max Rager and be the next big boss.

‘The Hurt Stalker’ is a wonderful stand-alone episode and a perfect example of how to tie a case of the week with on-going character arcs. Sadly, we got no Peyton, nor Blaine this week, but I’m sure that they’ll still be very important pieces when the big finale comes. In the meantime, better keep our eyes on Regina!


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