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iZombie ‘Reflections of the Way Liv Used to Be’ Review

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We have seen many versions of Liv, but we have hardly seen the version that she used to be before she got turned into a zombie. ‘Reflections of the Way Liv Used to Be’ give us a much more calm and focused Liv, while Ravi and Major have to deal with the results of truths coming out and storylines reaching their climax.

WARNING: This review contains spoilers

For what’s probably the last case of the season, the truth is that the whole student election case didn’t seem very promising at first. In a way, it felt more relevant for what it implied than for the mechanics of the murder itself. It’s yet another case somewhat related to zombies (the scene in which Clive heard the word ‘zombie’ while standing next to Liv was great) and we also get to see some returning characters from previous cases (and yes, they kept using the word “bro” too much). It was a wise choice: the case wasn’t too slow or boring, but it also wasn’t too engaging to the point that it would distract viewers from the other important storylines.

Liv’s brains for this episode was also an excellent choice. She was still Liv, only that she was more focused and, as Clive put it, “efficient”. Liv also got some time to ponder how her life would have been if she hadn’t turned into a zombie in the first place. These thoughts resound with Blaine’s situation, who keeps suffering from amnesia. The “problem” is that he’s also really nice and polite, two adjectives that I thought I’d never use to describe this character. The question now is: did the zombie cure alter his personality or are we supposed to believe that Blaine only turned evil when he became a zombie because power corrupts people? And what role will Blaine have in the season finale when he’s basically useless and ignorant of the zombie world?

Regardless of that, if this episode had two clear protagonists those would be Major and Ravi. I LOVED that, instead of fighting for no reason, Ravi actually gave Major a chance to explain himself. There’s only one episode left and there’s a lot in our plate, and we need these characters to get along, not fighting due to a misunderstanding. Nothing feels better than finally being able to tell someone the truth about something you had been lying about and the same thing happens when it’s fictional characters. In addition, Ravi also told Major about Blaine’s amnesia, and later on he told Liv that Major is a zombie. Both revelations felt incredibly gratifying. Unfortunately, not all the truths that came out meant good things for our characters. The pet store owner where Major had previously given Minor up was bound to come back at some point. The end result is that Major gets arrested, but we know that the worst part of this incident is what’s going to happen once Major is hungry for brains.

iZombie keeps proving why it’s one of the most clever TV shows on air. From the character interactions and their witty lines to the way storylines connect and interline with each other, nothing feels better than knowing that the writers actually care about every single character and every single plot point. The result is a highly entertaining, well-structured story that promises a very intense finale.

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