WARNING: This review contains spoilers

The third episode of iZombie’s second season, ‘Read Dead Housewife’, brought some flashbacks from Season 1 as it started preparing the foundation for what could be the big battle between Liv & co vs. Max Rager’s Utopium.

This week’s case was especially interesting because it was directly tied to Max Rager, who is at the center of the main plot for the season. This fact gave way to key scenes like Liv bumping into Major at the office. I still can’t understand why Major has decided to go his own way and work for Max Rager, but with his new-found ‘relationship’ with Gilda, it’s only a matter of time before Liv discovers there’s something fishy about her new roommate.

Speaking about roommates, Peyton is finally back! Her absence was understandable and it seems like she’s going to try and do her best to deal with Liv’s zombieness, especially after finding out that Ravi and Major know as well so she’s not alone in this. With all Liv’s inner talk about friendship, it was only right that Peyton came back in this episode.

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The only one who is still in the shadows about Liv’s identity is Clive, whom I can’t believe hasn’t confronted Liv about her strange behaviours and changes of personalities at this point. I already commented last week that the brain effects are a bit over the top this season, even though they make for some really funny scenarios. I personally found Liv to be quite annoying in this episode and I fear that she is being buried under all these different personalities. Thankfully, we still got to see her true-self when she found Major at Max Rager’s or when Clive called her to tell her that her new BFF was the culprit. Fortunately, Liv keeps learning from all the experiences of the brains she eats. After all, it could almost be seen as an exercise to put herself in other people’s shoes.

This season is starting to connect the dots for what will be the main antagonist of the season: Max Rager, Gilda and Utopium. Where does that leave Blaine? He didn’t appear in this episode but I’m sure he is going to have something to say in this confrontation at some point!