If there is one thing iZombie can do that would be slow bulid-up of storylines. ‘Pour Some Sugar, Zombie’ offers a rather long, but entertaining murder case with some main plot scenes on the side that felt super gratifying.

WARNING: This review contains spoilers

Peyton is back and her return is everything we could have ever wished for: she’s Liv’s roommate again and they even work on the case together! Sure, Peyton wasn’t that pleased with having to watch Liv’s awkward lap dance, but it was great seeing her so interested and even excited about Liv’s brain-eating process as she constantly asked if she was having any visions yet. I never would have imagined that Liv and Peyton could team up for a case, but now I just want to keep seeing more of it! By the way, I believe this is the second time (maybe third?) that we see Liv getting all horny and sensual, and it never stops being both sexy and hilarious. The case was alright, but the best part of it was probably seeing Daran Norris play weather man Johnny Frost again.

However, the case did have some very nice parallels to the other storylines going on in this episode. In fact, the major theme of this episode was about trusting the ones you love, and acknowledging that you might not really know them that well. This theme actually fits the series perfectly considering that a lot of plot threads in iZombie have to do with keeping secrets from others. And, right now, many characters are suffering the consequences from it: Ravi has found out what Major was keeping in his safe (although he didn’t give him a chance to explain himself), and Liv is told that Drake is dead, shortly before she finds out that he was actually working undercover. Furthermore, Clive and detective Bozzio are a ticking time bomb about to find out the truth at this point.

Aside from all that, the outcome of Ravi’s new improvised cure is one that probably very few could have guessed: amnesia. Blaine feels generally off and he doesn’t remember being a zombie or even the fact that zombies exist. We will probably get to see more of the specifics of this cure now that Ravi has had to use it on Major too. Oh, and we also got confirmation that Gilda/Rita has turned zombie (and has been kidnapped by someone).

‘Pour Some Sugar, Zombie’ was a perfect example of what makes iZombie so great. Far from suffering from it, getting some extra episodes has actually made the intertwining of overarching plot threads much more satisfying. And there’s still three episodes left!