iZombie ‘Physician, Heal Thy Selfie’ Review: Pieces Come Together

Physician, Heal Thy Selfie
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WARNING: This review contains spoilers

iZombie keeps bringing all this season’s plot threads together in a brilliant way. In ‘Physician, Heal Thy Selfie’, the weekly case is actually related to the main plot and the characters’ actions. Even Liv’s brain eating is toned down because it’s finally time to focus on bigger things.

In all honesty, when I first saw this week’s case with all the beheading I thought I was actually watching an episode of Hannibal. No heads means no brains, so Liv has to eat the brain of a social media addict that was already in the morgue. 80% of iZombie‘s comedy usually comes from Liv’s brains, but I didn’t think Liv was that funny this time, so I would have to give that trophy to Ravi. Back to the case, the killer turned out to be a zombie and there were actually a lot of parties involved in this case. For one, Major had intentionally covered him because he had a son, but after proving how powerful he is, Vaughn Du Clark once again blackmails him into doing his job (although I believe he just freezed him).

The culprit was also Peyton‘s boss. Peyton has been getting a lot of the spotlight lately due to her hard work in chasing Mr. Boss, and I’m so happy to see that they are involving her with the main plot so much (although it also makes me worry)! Whether she wants it or not, she’s one of the most important pieces of this game right now. It’s almost ironical how she’s also the most vulnerable and less in control of the situation at the moment.

And now for the things I wasn’t expecting to see. Things escalate very quickly between Liv and Drake as she’s already meeting his mother in this episode! All of that, strangely, thanks to her stalkerish social media strategy which allows her to discover that Drake had a criminal past. Thankfully, she gives him a chance to explain himself: he was protecting his mother. I’m not the biggest fan of this relationship and it does seem like it came out of the blue, but I can see how it will help Liv find out more about Blaine, like the fact that he’s also selling Utopium. Speaking of Blaine, he finally meets with Mr. Boss in one of the most interesting, tense scenes in this episode. And the best part is that this was probably just foreshadowing of a bigger showdown to come next.

While this week’s case wasn’t as interesting as others from this season, it’s a big bonus that it was related to the characters, and I can only hope that weekly cases will be more like this one until the big season finale.

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