iZombie ‘Method Head’ Review: Back to Square One


WARNING: This review contains spoilers

iZombie is back from the holiday hiatus with ‘Method Head‘, an episode that had so many balls in the air that made it a bit difficult for me to choose what I should focus my attention on. There were two major things that happened in the mid-season finale that I was expecting to see in this premiere. Even though both these things were addressed, neither of them felt really satisfying.

The first one of these points was Ravi breaking the news about the cure being reversible to Major and Liv. Of course there’s no confirmation on the cure also working that way when used on humans, but there’s a high chance of it, so Major will have to look out for that. I also found it interesting that Liv broke up with Major mainly because they belong to different species, but now Major could go back to being the same species as her. The irony.

Method Head - iZombie - The Daily Fandom

Neither Major, nor Liv seemed very shocked at the news

Major’s cure reversing could certainly endanger his work at Max Rager too. While on that topic, I’m not quite sure what type of game Vaughn du Clark and him are playing anymore. Neither of them is being absolutely honest with the other and, at this point, it’s just a game to see who can outsmart the other. The storyline with Major working for Max Rager is one that has been slowly cooking since the beginning of the season and I’m sure it will start boiling pretty soon. Will Vaughn du Clark let his guard down around Major? Or will Major be the one to get trapped in their manipulative games?

On the other hand, one of the other things we saw in that mid-season finale was Clive telling Liv to step back from the police department. However, that was quickly forgotten as soon as Liv turned out to be very helpful during this week’s case because she turned out to be a major fan of the trashy supernatural drama, Zombie High. The case of the week didn’t go the way I expected it to go either. Choosing a teen supernatural drama was definitely a parody of this type of shows, (or even a self-parody, considering The CW’s history with shows like this). However, I didn’t find this parody to be funny, nor witty enough to justify the amount of screentime it got, so I quickly became uninterested on it because my focus was rather on Liv and Clive. After all, I believe we all watch this show for the characters and not for the random victims of the cases. However, what happened with these two characters is that Clive remembered why he let Liv tag along with him in the first place, so he let her in again. While I’m glad they’re back together, this rushed decision left a bittersweet taste for me. I would have liked the plot point to have lasted at least 2-3 episodes episode. Keeping them separated would have even allowed for Clive to spend some time with Dale Bozzio and we could have even seen the both of them investigating Blaine on their own. Instead of that, now we’ll have to see whether Liv will find out about their investigation before it becomes too dangerous for them.


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