WARNING: This review contains spoilers

‘Max Wager’ establishes the new-found relationship between Liv and Major, while presenting the creepiest villain yet.

This week’s case with the NBA player was nothing out of the ordinary (I still believe one of this show’s weakest points is that the cases are rarely interesting), but it did serve to introduce Mr. Boss (Eddie Jemison), who might just be the scariest villain this show has had. He’s not Max Rager, he’s not Blaine, nor Angus. But everything about him is creepy, from the way he gave his speech at the barber’s chair to randomly showing up at Peyton’s office. On the other hand, this case also served to showcase for the first time how Clive is not only shocked at Liv’s personality changes, but also at how they suddenly disappear. Last week Liv would have joined in the fangirling over that NBA player, but not this time.

Liv and Major are officially back together! This turn of events is very interesting since we never really got to see much from their relationship before Liv got turned into a zombie. However, I’m afraid that this honeymoon phase won’t last long. After all, it’s only a matter of time until Liv finds out about Major’s secret activities. The results from Ravi’s investigations don’t help much either: the zombie virus is super contagious, so sex is definitely off the table.

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Blaine is going through a rough patch. His zombie father, Angus, shows up and presents himself as his new boss, otherwise he’ll turn him into a zombie again. It’s pretty clear that Blaine has major daddy issues, and this shows in his drunken scene with Liv. However, Angus might not know his son that well, as Blaine admits that he sort of misses being a zombie. Why? As a human, Blaine feels powerless, vulnerable, ordinary. But as a zombie, he felt like he was in control for the first time in his life. Will we see him go zombie again? Honestly, I hope so. I think the character was much more charismatic and fleshed out when he was a zombie villain. It probably had something to do with him having confidence. On the other hand, Major has captured Angus, linking him to Blaine once again.

Season 2 of iZombie is being slightly slower than the first season. There’s a lot of setting up, but what they’re setting up seems to be something big, so here’s to hoping that all this build-up will pay off. Also, whatever happened to Liv’s family? Will they be used only to add drama in th season finale once again? It’d be nice to see them again before that!