WARNING: This review contains spoilers

‘Love & Basketball’ continues Liv and Major’s new-found relationship status while also advancing the developments of Max Rager and Utopium.

Let’s be honest, as much as I love basketball, this week’s case was quite boring. What I did like, though, was the way the writers decided to portray coach!Liv: not by throwing random basketball references, but by focusing on the motivational speeches/prep talk side of it. I’m still curious over why some brains seem to affect Liv’s personality way more than others. For instance, I’d take motivational speaker Liv over that insufferable Liv from ‘Real Dead Housewife of Seattle’ any day because, in the end, you could still see it was her.

Liv’s main relationship this week is with Major. From the opening scene, they both bring up some questions on how a zombie/human relationship would work, from kissing, to having sex or accidental scratches. This is later fueled by Major’s wish of having children. Considering we had more talks of a potential zombie cure in this episode, I wonder whether this could be some sort of foreshadowing pointing towards Liv and Major’s future after Liv is cured. For now, aside from being very horny, Major is struggling to keep working with Gilda and Max Rager. As a matter of fact, the difference between Major and Max Rager’s workers right now is the way they see zombies: as rabid creatures, or as sentient people.

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As satisfying as it is to see Liv and Major finally getting along, the award for best couple in this episode goes to Blaine and Ravi, who gave us the funniest, most well-executed scene of the episode with the fight over the zombie-killer bottle. Their musical references were on point too: Bon Jovi, The Cure… It’s a very peculiar relationship and I can see them working together in the future.

It was also very interesting to see more from Clive. Especially, Clive working alone and going his own way to punch that abusive father. However, the most interesting bit was when he found out about that piece of brain in Suzuki’s freezer. I have been asking for Clive to find out the truth for weeks now and I can really see him discovering it sooner rather than later after last night’s episode. He’s no longer just Liv and Ravi’s co-worker, but a friend. He deserves to know. I only hope that, this time, Liv doesn’t leave him in the dark like she did with Major when he ended up in a mental hospital. Major put himself in danger in several occasions and, considering Clive is a detective, he could put himself in even more danger.