iZombie ‘He Blinded Me With Science’ Review

He blinded me with science - iZombie

After 3 weeks of hiatus, iZombie is back with ‘He Blinded Me With Science’, an episode that keeps the formula of tying cases to the main story, while the search for a zombie cure is more urgent than ever.

WARNING: This review contains spoilers

If there is one thing that stand out in this episode, that was the return of Blaine to what his beloved Team Z. Seeing Blaine be human was an interesting experiment, but I believe we all liked zombie!Blaine more. Sadly, his return isn’t as triumphant as he would like it to be (he did admit to missing being a zombie), because the cure is like a ticking time bomb. As Ravi previously confirmed with the lab rats, after the reverse to zombie mode, the subjects die. The death of Blaine would mean utter zombie chaos in the city, and it also affects Major. All in all, a lot of pressure on Ravi to find a definite cure.

Perhaps this is why I expected that Blaine and Liv eating the brain of a scientist could mean an opportunity to help Ravi. Liv did help for a bit, but the brain was mostly dedicated towards analyzing Drake’s behavior (those on-screen graphics were so cool, I wish they would have used them more!). Spying on Drake was not a complete waste of time, though: she found out that he’s working for Mr. Boss.

Once again, the weekly case tied to the main storyline, as it turned out that Dr. Cash was working in Max Rager under a different name. Having Liv finding out about the zombie experiments in Max Rager through a vision was a nice touch. Adding the fact that she also found out about Gilda’s real identity and Drake’s secret activities, will she also soon find out about Major’s job?

He blinded me with science - iZombie - The Daily Fandom

Finally, I’m not too sure what exactly happened to Rita in the end. Since it only takes a scratch to become a zombie in this series and getting scratched in a fight is more common than getting bitten, I’m guessing that she has been turned zombie, but we’ll have to wait and see. What’s clear, though, is that Vaughn du Clark is a horrible father and cruel person that only cares about himself. Ironically, he started the episode showing a lot of appreciation towards his daughter when he thought that Major had hurt her. I guess he’s one of those “only I can hurt her” type, which makes him even more disgusting.

‘He blinded me with science’ actually made me put all my attention on every line that was said. As I have mentioned before, these last few episodes have become a bit hard to follow due to the many typical “does he know that they know that he knows…” situations going on, and the 3 week hiatus didn’t help much either. However, it is much appreciated that, at least, the cases seemed to be related to the main story now. Far from making things more confusing, this actually allows for characters to learn about things that us viewers have known for a while naturally, and the cases are also quite simplistic and entertaining. While there wasn’t a lot of time dedicated to them, it should be noted that Clive and detective Bozzio are back in the brain game too, as they find out that  someone changed the reports to say that it was a bovine brain. At this point, iZombie is all about our characters playing guessing games and outsmarting each other. One thing is for sure: the final episodes look really exciting!

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