iZombie ‘Grumpy Old Liv’ Review: Hinting at a Darker Liv


WARNING: This review contains spoilers

It is that time of the year! The CW shows are coming back and I couldn’t be more excited for iZombie‘s Season 2. After all, the ending of last season left us with so many questions and so many characters mad at Liv, I couldn’t wait to see how the show would deal with the consequences. ‘Grumpy Old Liv’ is a nice welcome back to our characters, who are all returning more mature and with new roles to play for this season.

I have to admit that I was kind of disappointed that we didn’t get to see the immediate seconds after Liv said ‘no’ to a blood transfusion to save his brother. However, the repercussions were shown, and they were was harsh, but understandable: neither her mother, nor her brother want to see Liv again. That is when Liv takes a different attitude to her situation: she wants to get tougher, forget about interrelationships and “become the monster she really is”. Adding that to Blaine’s suggestion that Liv could actually be enjoying playing for Team Z, I thought that we could be in the verge of seeing Liv lose her humanity and sink to a much darker place this season.

This belief was further reinforced by the brain that she had to eat this week, which caused her to be very blunt, rude and bicker. However, at the end of the episode, the fact that the victim had no one around after his death, made Liv realize that she had to take care of her family. Even though I understand her position, I was kind of disappointed that all that build-up during the episode was dissolved with just one thought.

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Besides Liv, I was very curious on how they would keep Blaine’s role interesting now that he’s no longer a zombie. No worries though, because Blaine hasn’t lost his charisma and David Anders is as brilliant as always. Now human, and with a new hairstyle, Blaine has changed business but he hasn’t lost interest in the zombie world. After a visit from Liv, he realizes he now depends on our heroine as there’s no guarantee that the cure actually worked. In fact, there’s a chance that he might be living on borrowed time. On the other hand, he has now something in common with Major, who has become a “zombie detector”.

Grumpy Old Liv - iZombie - The Daily Fandom

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However, poor Major can’t catch up a break as he keeps on going his own way and making bad decisions. This time, it’s doing business with Vaughn Du Clark, who is as confident about Max Rager as ever. Major accepts the job of finding zombies and killing them after he threatens killing Liv first. Things get even more complicated when we find out that, after Peyton leaving, Liv’s new roommate is Gilda, who works for Max Rager.

Clive didn’t get much development this episode but I’m sure his role is going to be more important this season. I only wish that Liv and Ravi would tell him the truth already: having an insider cop who is familiar with the zombies issue would be very helpful. Besides, he’s earned it. And, after finding out he has a sketch of Blaine, I can’t help but worry about his safety.

Without being anything spectacular, ‘Grumpy Old Liv’ still delivered: it showed the consequences of the season finale for Liv, Blaine and Major. As a matter of fact, many characters have switched places in the scenario. There are now different roles and different relationships to those from last season. And I personally can’t wait to see how everything unfolds from now on.


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