iZombie ‘Eternal Sunshine of the Caffeinated Mind’ Review


WARNING: This review contains spoilers

iZombie made sure to go out with a bang before its three week hiatus. ‘Eternal Sunshine of the Caffeinated Mind’ featured a simplistic, yet entertaining case with a very intense plot-driven ending.

The previous episode had ended with Liv, Ravi and Major finding the corpses with the tainted Utopium, but finding a definite cure won’t be as simple. There’s still a lot of work to be done as Ravi’s first try at duplicating the cure with went awfully wrong. Once again, finding a zombie cure is put in the backseat as other plot threads continue developing and intertwining with each other.

Speaking first about the case, while entertaining, I believe it lasted for a bit too long considering how important the whole Mr.Boss/Drake/Blaine scenes were. Highly optimistic and cheerful Liv was fun, especially seeing how she couldn’t even find it in her to blame anyone for Leslie’s murder. Considering Clive already voiced his suspicions about Liv taking on the victims’ personalities last week, I’m surprised that Clive didn’t confront her directly in this episode. Liv’s cheerful personality was VERY obvious this time, and it should have been even more obvious to Clive considering how much screen time they shared together. I guess it’s one of the effects of this season being stretched for a few more episodes.
Eternal Sunshine of the Caffeinated Mind - iZombie - The Daily FandomAll in all, the moral of the story seemed to be that love makes you stupid and makes you do stupid things ,which paralleled to Drake and Liv. Drake, who has been working undercover for both Blaine and Mr. Boss, seems to feel genuine love for Liv. What started out as just a fun scene in the hornybrain!Liv episode, seems to be developing into so much more lately. It almost makes me wonder whether the writers are pushing this relationship only to have Drake dying in the finale episodes, even though that would be a bit repetitive after what happened to Lowell last season. Personally, I never really cared that much about their relationship, so I’m fine either way.

Aaaaand the moment we had all been waiting for (including Blaine) has finally come: Blaine is back on Team Z! And the thing is that, even if he was kidnapped and killed in this episode, Blaine was still intimidating at all times. Even when he’s vulnerable, David Anders still manages to add that eerie aura to him. In fact, having Mr. Boss himself being the one doing the dirty job himself just proves that he doesn’t take Blaine lightly. Right now, these two characters seem to be the most promising one for the final stages of this season, and let’s not even forget that Vaughn du Dlark hasn’t really come into play yet!

Speaking of Max Rager, the show still had another surprised with Rita/Gilda. Just when Major is about to come clean with Liv about everything he’s been doing, Gilda shows up at the front door. Major calls her by the name Rita right before he splits, making Liv realize that Gilda was the girl who had been sleeping with Major all along. That fact alone was enough for Liv to punch her in the face, so I can only imagine what she’ll do when she finds out about her job and her father.

While entertaining from beginning to end, ‘Eternal Sunshine of the Caffeinated Mind’ had its ups and downs when balancing the case of the week with the plot points that have been developing for a long time. There’s now only five episodes left, so we can expect iZombie to deliver a very intense, action-packed finale.


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