Well, I don”t know what other series plan to do for their season finale, but it will be quite difficult to rival what iZombie did last night. The series took things to a whole new level and actually ventured to go with a full-on zombie attack in its two-part season finale, ‘Dead Beat’ and ‘Salivation Army’.

WARNING: This article contains HUGE spoilers

One of the aspects that has always made iZombie stand out from other zombie-related series, is its light, almost comedic approach to zombies. Episodes like ‘Dead Beat’ remind us that the situation at hands is actually pretty scary and that a simple overlook could evolve into a full-on zombie outbreak. After having seen Major and Ravi fight a couple episodes ago, it was Liv’s turn to get serious in ‘Dead Beat’. Being used to seeing a more witty, cheerful Liv, getting to see her so upset and desperate over Major’s situation was actually quite shocking and an indicator that things were getting real. We often praise Rose McIver for her ability to get into different personalities each episode, but it’s when she explores the deepest inner struggles in Liv that she’s the more convincing.

In essence, ‘Dead Beat’ was all about culminating Major’s storyline. The poor guy was arrested (twice), nearly starved to zombie insanity, and had many people turn against him. The episode also served to showcase how important it is to have Clive in Zombie Team, if only for situations like this. I’m not sure whether this scenario convinced Liv to finally tell him, or if it was just that there was no other way around it this time. This was a moment that fans have been waiting for since the season started and there have been many hints throughout the episodes that it would happen sooner or later. It finally happened, and the scene will remain as one of the highlights of this season. Unfortunately, it didn’t go very well for Clive, as Bozzio got mad and left him. While I understand Bozzio’s position, I thought that, after being together and working on cases for so long, she could have at least trusted him or given him the benefit of the doubt, but instead of that, their break up looked more overdramatic than anything.

salivation army - iZombie

Once everything was fixed in ‘Dead Beat’, it was time to start the Drake rescue mission from Max Rager in ‘Salivation Army’. When guests started taking Tainted Utopium, the party quickly became yet another massacre. I had to rub my eyes as I watched Major, Liv and Clive fighting all those zombies as if they were inside a Resident Evil videogame. The resolution of the Max Rager storyline was quite satisfactory too. Vaughn du Clarke will be missed, but his death was pretty fitting, especially the part where his own daughter ate his brain. Now that they’re gone, it seems like we are going to be looking at Vivian and company for next season. In fact, the finale had so many plot points to wrap up that it didn’t start laying the ground for its third season until the final minutes of ‘Salivation Army’, when Vivian and her new party declared to establish a “new world order” and asked Liv whether she was in or not. Among other things being set up we have Liv and Ravi being ow able to talk zombies with Clive during cases, or Ravi and Peyton being back together and hinting at a potential love triangle with Blaine. Speaking of which, if there is one complaint for this finale is that Blaine was really underused. There was no re-reverse and he wasn’t faking it either. Have we lost the Blaine we knew for good? What will his role be now that his minions are gone?

The iZombie season 2 finale offered everything I could have asked for from a finale. There were plot twists, new revelations and plenty of cool-looking scenes. I never thought we would see Clive fighting zombies or Ravi and Blaine teaming up and bickering about Peyton, but the best part of it all is that everything had been properly foreshadowed and carefully built throughout the season, and hence the reason why ‘Dead Beat and ‘Salivation Army’ were that good is because the iZombie writers are just that good at storytelling.

Happy hiatus, Team !. I will be back with more coverage for Season 3!