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iZombie ‘Cape Town’ Review: Being A Real Superhero is Hard

WARNING: This review contains spoilers

The mid-season finale of iZombie, ‘Cape Town’, approached elements of self-parody for the network’s superhero theme, while it took its characters to darker places in preparation for the second half of the season.

The case of the week revolves around the death of ‘The Fog’, a man in a superhero costume with a Kick-Ass complex. Even though it was super fun to see Liv suiting up for the occasion and giving emotional speeches, I felt like this storyline was actually supposed to be taken more seriously than what it seemed at first. Puting aside Mr. Boss and his minions, eating the brain of a superhero wannabe made Liv actually commit trespassing and put Clive’s reputation in danger. This isn’t the first time this happens and, to be honest, I’m surprised that Clive hasn’t called her out before for playing cop too often. This time, without previous warning, he tells her that perhaps they should end their “strange relationship”. We must remember that Clive is still the only main character that doesn’t know about Liv being a zombie, and I have said over and over that something important is going to happen with him this season: he’s either going to find out about her secret, or he’s going to be put in a dangerous situation because of it. *hugs Clive protectively*. The hero storyline also served to showcase Liv’s role after being turned into a zombie. She might not realize it, but she is already a hero by using her zombie abilities to catch murderers and help people.

cape town - izombie

Meanwhile, Major was working one of his “jobs” when he stumbled upon a suicidal zombie girl who was being forced to sell her body for food (probably the darkest, most disturbing thing this show has done so far). I’m glad that they didn’t use this situation to create another misunderstandings between Liv and him (it would have been so easy to have Liv walking in on them). Instead of that, Major and her actually had a long, honest conversation about the zombie problem, his job, and Liv. Even though Major walked back home feeling like he could actually learn to live with Liv’s zombiness, Liv had other plans in mind. Her reason for breaking up? “We belong with our own kind”. At this point, it all depends on whether Ravi can find a cure, but I have to wonder: is a relationship between a zombie and a human impossible, or did Major and Liv just not try hard enough?

More bad news, Ravi finding a cure might not be happening anytime soon. After they save Drake by turning him into a zombie to find more tainted utopium, Ravi tries some more rat experimenting and discovers that, no matter what, there’s a always a reversion to full zombie and that it’s safe to assume that the same thing will happen for human zombies. Adding this discovery to the two break ups we had this episode (Liv/Clive, Liv/Major), it’s safe to say that this was a pretty sad, yet solid Christmas-themed episode.

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