iZombie ‘Abra Cadaver’ Review: the Calm Before the Storm


WARNING: This review contains spoilers

Just from the title itself, one could already guess that this week’s iZombie was going to be a lighter episode. ‘Abra Cadaver’ relies more on the comedy and the magic-theme than in actual big plot developments.

The case revolved around the death of Syd Wicked, a Gothic magician obsessed with death and dark stuff. This case allowed us to see some interesting things, from magic tricks to Ravi showing his inner geek during PrestorFest. While this case was much more developed than other cases from this season, having the killer be in disguise felt like a bit of a let down. Sure, it was a nice twist, but it would have been much more interesting to see some sort of magic trick involved in the murder.

Abra Cadaver - iZombie - The Daily Fandom

Meanwhile, Blaine asks Liv for help when he finds out someone is killing his zombie clients. Liv has no choice but to accept, which led to some interesting interactions, like Blaine’s reaction to Liv’s dark talk with the cards. Especially because he, more than anyone, should understand what it feels like to take on other people’s traits. As much as I love their chemistry, I don’t think they could ever really get along. Will Blaine betray her at some point? Probably.

Liv and Major’s romance is toned down a bit this week. Sexy issues aside, Major realizes that there’s another elephant in the room: Liv’s constant personalities and, the possibility of her going berserk at some points. Well, this was something that was already fairly obvious and that he should already know, so I don’t think it’s going to be something to break up over about. It’s just something that he will have to get used to, just like he would if they were just friends. Ravi is the one who’s struggling the most in the love department. He breaks up with Steph because she’s going too fast. The reason underneath is pretty obvious: he’s still not over Peyton. Unfortunately, Peyton doesn’t seem to feel the same way anymore. As a matter of fact, I was surprised at how relaxed and not-awkward-at-all she was after Ravi tried to kiss her. Clive is the only one who seems to be progressing in the love department with Bozzio. But we know that that’s bound to end badly tool. At least his suspicions should be gone for now after Liv modified the document to say that it was cow bovine brain they found in Suzuki’s freezer.

All in all, there seems to be a lot of lying this season. Even though the majority of them are well-intended (eg: keeping secrets to protect the other), there are too many relationships with a warning sign on top: Blaine and Peyton, Liv and Gilda, Clive and Bozzio…). iZombie keeps quietly but surely building up towards its big resolution. Brace yourselves, because there’s only 3 episodes left of this season!


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