Is Killgrave Actually Dead In Jessica Jones: Purple Daughter #1?

Jessica Jones is back in Jessica Jones: Purple Daughter #1, unfortunately, it is not a good return. After the events of Jessica Jones’ three-part series (season one) “Blind Spot,” we continue Jessica’s story throughout Jessica Jones: Purple Daughter #1 with the source of her daughter, Danielle, being purple. This issue was written by Kelly Thompson and art by Mattia De Iulis.

Purple Daughter #1
Jessica Jones Purple Daughter #1 © Marvel

Jessica Jones has a problem and that is her child Danielle now looks like her worst enemy Killgrave, also known as the Purple Man. What that tells Jessica and Luke is that Dani has had some form of contact with Killgrave. Now, Jessica’s worst fear has somehow come true and she is trying to get to the bottom of it. The first question she has is, “How is Killgrave still alive?” The last we saw of Killgrave he annihilated himself and was thrown into the sun by Captain Marvel. The only idea Jessica has is to find someone who has had contact with Killgrave, and that would be his daughter Kara.

Will Jessica Be Able To Change Her Daughter Back?

Jessica Jones: Purple Daughter #1 is a story about a mother who is trying to save her daughter from the same chaos she endured. Most of Jessica’s life has been hard for her because of Killgrave. Jessica was finally able to get a family of her own, but because of Killgrave, it is being taken away from her. In Purple Daughter #1 Jessica is trying to protect her daughter in any way possible. She does not want Danielle to have the same fate as she did. However, what I like about this story is the fact that Jessica goes to the end of the world to save her daughter. Even though there are people out there wanting to help, Jessica is the only one who can be the hero in her story.

You can understand that Kelly Thompson gets Jessica Jones as a character. Jessica is a deep and complex person. Tragedy follows Jessica wherever she goes. Jessica will remain screwed up mentally because of what he put her through. Like keeping her captive in a hotel for eight months and making her kill who he needed her to. Thompson’s writing displays the classic traits that remain known to Jessica; for example, already drunk at 4 o’clock in the afternoon and how Jessica always goes to the extreme. Fans of the character would know these reoccurring traits.

Purple Daughter #1
Jessica Jones Purple Daughter #1 © Marvel

The Art In Jessica Jones: Purple Daughter #1

The art in Jessica Jones: Purple Daughter #1 is incredible. I love the realistic character models and the clothes look fantastic, too. The crinkles of the clothing and how they flow off the body are some of the best artwork. They don’t come off as stiff. You can tell that De Iulis truly understands Jessica’s character and her story. He uses outstanding facial features that help the reader see the emotional value in their faces. In the picture above (with purple Kara), you can see the concern and sadness on Kara’s face especially in her eyes.

Purple Daughter #1
Jessica Jones Purple Daughter #1 © Marvel

The way he draws her makes her look soft and with the hair in her face, it makes her look vulnerable. The colors are also wonderful. The purple on the adults and children is great. It doesn’t look awkward or unrealistic. It’s the perfect Purple tone for the characters. It lets the reader believe that if you saw someone who resembled this, this is how it would look.

The Verdict

Jessica Jones: Purple Daughter #1 is an incredible continuation of “Blind Spot” and a great beginning to what season two will bring. The storytelling is stellar and the art and colors are something you could look at for hours. The story will go down as one of the best Marvel and Jessica Jones stories ever told. Jessica Jones is a strong female character being written by a female. Thompson and De Lulis are doing something grand here and everybody needs to read it.

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