Is Ein Dead in Phantom Requiem? Phantom Requiem, the popular zombie survival game by Ein, What will happen to them now? Find out in this exciting blog post.

Ein is one of the lead characters in the Phantom: Requiem for the Phantom anime series. Despite coming off as a cold-hearted Phantom, there is something about her that makes us want to root for her.

The anime series had a shocking end that shook the anime community and fans alike. But the one question that remained in everyone’s mind is whether Ein died at the end of the series or if she remained alive.

What exactly transpired at the end of the series for Ein? Let us find out which end is the more believable one and rest the case once and for all.

Is Ein Dead In Phantom Requiem

Is Ein Dead In Phantom Requiem?

Why is Ein likely dead?

Scythe is shot dead by Ein. Before he dies, he says that killing him won’t do her any good because she will always have to be on the run as others will eventually kill her.

He says she will never remember her past and he knows that life in the future will only get worse for Ein. But Ein ends up shooting him anyway.

Before she does so, she says that she wants to spend more time with Reiji which hints that she is not giving up yet and wants to spend as much time with him as possible.

Knowing Ein, it is possible that she wanted to savor every last moment with Reiji before he died. She probably thought she had no purpose after his death and so killed herself even though no explanation is given.

phantom requiem for the phantom

Why would she kill herself? Probably because she knows she cannot live by always hiding and the Inferno will eventually find her.

She does not want to give them the satisfaction of having killed her and would rather be responsible for her death.

That is quite a depressing ending but it is what makes the most sense because of how everything came to be. Plus, looking at the relationship between Ein, Reiji, and Inferno, it makes sense that she most probably ends up dead.

Not exactly an ending that puts a smile on our faces but perhaps the most logical explanation.

How did she kill herself? There is a chance that the flowers shown towards the end are poisonous.

phantom requiem for the phantom ein dead

Although this will seem far-fetched, she may have killed herself by consuming those flowers as we are shown the full flower and then a petal is missing.

And then Ein slowly fades away and disappears thereby indicating her inevitable demise.

This is not convincing though but it is still a theory worth considering because of how the creators put focus on the flowers so much and then the way the events take place one after another.

But the poison in the flowers (if any) is never mentioned so this may not be the case.

Implications of Ein’s Possible Death in Phantom Requiem 2023

The possibility of Ein’s death in the anime series Phantom Requiem 2023 has seriously unnerved the viewers, leading them to contemplate the implications of her possible demise.

Despite the uncertainties of this development, many have speculated on the potential dramatic consequences of Ein’s death.

At the forefront of the speculation is the impact that this death would have on the main protagonist Cowboy Bee, who has found a deep connection with Ein and understanding as a result of their shared tragic history.

The death of Ein would surely be a devastating loss for Cowboy Bee, making the continued development of his character that much more difficult.

In the context of the wider story, Ein’s death would also have significant implications. As a character intimately connected with the fate of the entire MacBeth Enterprise, Ein serves as an important component of the narrative’s narrative arc and central mysteries.

Her murder (or supposed murder) would likely have major reverberations in MacBeth’s outcomes, likely causing a drastic change in its trajectory.

Furthermore, Ein is such an important part of the Phantom Requiem universe that, without her presence, the series could not continue in quite the same way.

Even if another character were to be introduced to take Ein’s place, the dynamic between the characters, and the story itself, would be vastly different.

Apart from the story implications, Ein’s death would also have a palpable emotional impact on the fandom.

Brimming with potential, she was initially portrayed as a naive and noble young woman, although as the series progressed, her character developed into a stoic and determined figure.

This evolution of Ein’s character has endeared her to a large segment of the fandom, whose loyalty would undoubtedly be deeply tested if Ein were to die.

Ultimately, the implications of Ein’s death in Phantom Requiem 2023 remain to be seen, although it can safely be assumed that the loss would be felt throughout the series’ fanbase.

With her central role in the narrative and her continued endearment to the fandom, Ein’s eventual fate poses as a major curiosity in the show and will certainly have an impact when it is eventually revealed.

Who is Ein’s dad in Phantom Requiem anime?

It’s been a long-standing question in the world of Phantom Requiem anime: who is Ein’s dad? There is an ongoing mystery swirling around the identity of Ein’s father, with many theories but little in the way of concrete evidence.

Fans of the series have spent years debating and discussing the possible answers, with no definitive answer as of yet.

The main suspect of Ein’s dad is the enigmatic Matsuribayashi Ukyo, a self-styled exorcist. Ukyo is known for his dark and mysterious powers, which involve using magical chants and songs to manifest souls from the afterlife. While it seems unlikely that Ukyo is Ein’s father, it can’t be ruled out entirely.

Another potential candidate for Ein’s dad is the character, Abe no Masahiro. Masahiro is a mysterious character who was once a member of the powerful Kusanagi clan.

While Masahiro is never seen directly in the anime, it is strongly suggested that he is the true father of both Ein and Tao. It is believed that Masahiro was killed in a past battle, which could explain why he is never seen.

The third character implicated in the mystery of Ein’s dad is Kagerou, the enigmatic commander of the Phantom Requiem army. Kagerou is a powerful being with powerful abilities, and it is assumed that he is the leader of the Phantom Requiem forces.

With Kagerou’s mysterious power and motives, it has been speculated that he may be related to Ein in some way.

Whether Ein’s dad is Ukyo, Masahiro, or Kagerou is still a mystery, and as of yet there are no concrete answers.

No matter what, it seems clear that Ein’s father plays an essential role in the Phantom Requiem universe that is still unknown to the majority of viewers.

Fans of the series have speculated endlessly over the true nature of Ein’s father, and it seems likely that the mystery will remain unsolved for many years to come.

Why she may be alive?

The second theory is a happy one. It is that Ein is very much alive. She mentions that all the flowers and the sky are hers meaning she has finally found peace in life in the finale of the series.

Even though it may have been long after Reiji’s death, Ein has found the peace that she always wanted and is living the life she dreamed of.

The smile at the end shows that she has come a long way but she is proud of where the journey has led her even though Reiji’s death was a big blow to her.

Remember when Reiji said that he will see her real smile? That smile is an indication that she has fulfilled Reiji’s wish even if it was after his death.

phantom requiem for the phantom zwei

She is simply smiling because she knows Reiji’s death wish has come true as the two often spoke about death and Reiji wanted to die for a long time.

The smile is perhaps also an indicator that she has moved on with Reiji’s memories in her heart. She does admit that she has his memories and the time they spent together.

This may indicate that she has changed since the time we were first introduced to her character.

The flower with a missing petal is maybe shown because an important part of her life, Reiji, is not with her anymore due to his death. The flowers may indicate that she has finally become free and happy.  

phantom requiem for the phantom ending explained

Phantom: Requiem for the Phantom’s Ein probably had a vague ending for a reason. Perhaps, the creators didn’t want the series to end a certain way or wanted the series to always remain in the fans’ minds thereafter.

People will forget a happy ending but what stays are the sad endings. Or perhaps the creators did this to let the viewers decide what they wanted the Phantom’s ending to be.

Although most of the fans agree that both Reiji and Ein died, what did you think of the ending? Do you think the creators did justice to the ending of the series?

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