Dying Light is a visually rich horror video game that was launched in 2015 by Warner Bros.

The graphics are developed by Techland and it revolves around the story of Kyle Crane, who is an undercover agent embarking on a mission to infiltrate a quarantine zone in Harran, i.e. a city in the middle-east. 

Is Dying Light 1 Cross-Platform? 

Is Dying Light 1 Cross-Platform

Dying Light 1 is not compatible with and hence unavailable on the Cross-Platform. It means that it can’t be played across multiple platforms like Xbox One, PC or versions of Playstation. However PC owners across Steam, GOG and Epic can co-op together after buying the game. 

What Dying Light Edition is the best? 

Considering all the digital versions, Dying Light 2: Ultimate Edition is considered to be the best edition of the game.

It is cheaper than the physical collector’s edition, and contains various digital content like digital comics, digital edition content, crafting items and more. The value for money is highest here. 

How long does it take to complete Dying Light? 

Dying Light may take approximately 17 hours if one is playing in a focused manner, and at a stretch.

If all the aspects are covered, it may take more than 56 hours to reach its completion. Being a survival game, you need to make use of analytical skills to move fast through it. 

Does Dying Light 2 have guns? 

Dying Light is primarily known for its presence of melee weapons, but they do have a select collection of guns.

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There are no prominent guns in Dying Light 2, but one can find a craftable scrap shotgun for the late game. It posits itself in the equipment slot but isn’t actually a weapon. 

Is there a Crane in Dying Light 2? 

Kyle Crane holds up the basic plot of the game, and even though he is not physically present, his legacy lives on. In the second edition, he is frequently mentioned while depicting Aiden’s journey.

It can be seen in instances like going through shrines, encountering easter eggs or responding to comments from travellers. 

Is Kyle Crane alive?

It has been speculated that Kyle Crane died when the narrative of Dying Light 2 began. The events preceding it suggest the same because Crane chose to help the survivors and hence stayed back in Harran.  

Is Aiden Kyle Crane? 

Dying Light 2 shifts its focus to a new character named Aiden. His personality is distinct from Kyle and has a different set of aspirations to fight zombies or jump from one rooftop to another.

It is also based in a different location named Villedor, and the chances of his world meeting with Harran were bleak. 

How did the Harran virus start? 

There is no concrete origin of the Harran virus. A scientist tried to trace its path and his scientific findings hinted at food sources.

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Another prominent figure from the countryside, The Mother, believed that there might be military sources behind the beginning of the virus. It may reflect an intention for biological warfare. 

Is Crane the night hunter? 

At the end of the game, Crane is heard shouting “take the vials” at an inhuman volume.

The sound is similar to the Night Hunter’s scream which may be indicative of the fact that he becomes a night hunter marking the end of his journey in the game. It is merely a speculation and hasn’t been confirmed by the makers. 

Should I help Matt or Juan? 

To make a choice, you have to take certain actions at an initial level. It wouldn’t be possible to completely ally with Matt and change course after investing resources in a different faction. To make the most of Matt’s partnership, it is important to refuse Juan’s offer instantly. 

Who is Spike looking for in Dying Light 2? 

Spike followed Kyle after he departed from the slums in ‘The Saviours’. He, along with the saviors, took refuge in Harran University. Spike was a 49-year-old man who was working as a professor at the University of Southern California and had to go on sabbatical leave. His real name is Rudolph as revealed by Haluk.

What does the sandstorm do in Dying Light? 

The sandstorm is a skin for a double-barrel shotgun that is known to deal with maximum damage out of all the shotguns.

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Its limitation is that it has a severely diminished amino capacity and requires to be reloaded every time after launching two shots. Its low accuracy doesn’t make it an ideal choice for long-distance shots. 

How did Aiden get infected? 

It is known in the beginning that Aiden and his sister MIA were used in a series of cryptic GRE experiments.

During the journey of uncovering his mysteries, he was bitten by a volatile monster and subsequently saved by a good-willed survivor, Hakon. These situations may be linked to his infection. 

Does Aiden find his sister in Dying Light 2? 

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Towards the end of Dying Light 2, Aiden plans to confront Waltz in X13 and uncover the reason for his side effects. At that point, Aiden finally finds out that Mia is alive, but that she isn’t his sister. She is revealed to be Waltz’ daughter. 

What does THV stand for in Dying Light? 

THV is an abbreviation for Tachytransmissive Harran Virus, that is a more gruesome and contagious variant of the Harran virus.

It found its way out from the Level 4 GRE lab located in Geneva, Switzerland in the early 2020s. It managed to wipe out 98% of the human population worldwide and triggered the collapse of a civilization. 

Is Aiden Caldwell a zombie? 

Aiden has years of experience cohabiting within the zombie-filled wilderness. Even though he was infected, he recovered thereafter and did not turn into a zombie.

He has immense power and agility that is equivalent to an Olympic player. His combat skills and resilience make him an asset to the dystopian world.

Is Dying Light set in Turkey?

Yes, it can be assumed that Dying Light is set in a fictional city within Turkey because there is a use of Turkish names and Turkish influence in the graphics.

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