If you’re wondering is Durarara worth watching, read on to find out my verdict. I took the time to watch all 10 episodes and I was hooked from the beginning.

People who are new to the anime world probably haven’t heard about Durarara!! because it isn’t always listed in the top anime series list and it had a comparatively short life.

But the Durarara!! series surely deserves a spot for its unique approach to storytelling.

Based on the light novel by Ryogho Narita, the Durarara!! anime series was popular when it was first released in 2010.

But the craze didn’t seem to stay for long after that even though many vouched for the show’s gripping storyline. Is this anime series worth your time?

Is Durarara Worth Watching?

Why is the anime called Durarara?

Durarara!! is a popular anime series based on the Japanese novel series by the same name written by Ryohgo Narita?

The series follows an array of strange and unique individuals who’ve found themselves drawn to the super-busy streets of Tokyo’s Ikebukuro.

It is here where the lives of these characters cross paths, intertwining in ever-changing relationships. But why is it called Durarara?

At the heart of the title is the Japanese word “Durarara”, which translates to “fleeting meeting”. The title reflects the series’ idea of fleeting relationships and the ever-changing bonds between characters in a crowded urban landscape.

It implies that, although each person in the cast is different and contains their own set of complexities, their lives cross paths, and they’re not just passing strangers.

In the multitude of interactions between these individuals, they form these ever-shifting relationships, which are reflected in the title.

Durarara also comments on the theme of ‘coincidence’: the idea that chance meetings lead to the creation of bonds that would not have been possible with any other combination of people.

Much like in life, events in the series occur suddenly and without warning and even the most mundane of interactions can have unforeseen consequences.

Incidental meetings between characters often result in various consequences, some of which lead to unresolved plot points and intrigue for viewers.

The title reflects this idea of coincidence and the connections that form regardless of the cast of characters.

The name Durarara is an interesting choice because it evokes the feeling of chaos, confusion and excitement that surrounds much of the plot.

It reflects the bustling and colourful streets of Ikebukuro and the conversations and meetings between its colourful cast of characters.

Durarara!! appears to be an intellectual show that goes beyond the limits of its genre. It poses questions about modern-day society while also offering compelling and enjoyable storylines.

The title reflects this; Durarara or ‘fleeting meetings’ depicts the characters in the show and the ever-changing relationships between them as they navigate their way through the crowded streets of Tokyo. Durarara!! is a unique and exceptional anime that’s definitely worth watching.

An Interesting Premise

Durarara!! is a seinen anime series that focuses on Tokyo’s Ikebukuro neighborhood and those who reside there.

Is Durarara Worth Watching

It doesn’t fall into the trap of focusing on only one character. It expertly focuses on many characters and gives them the time they need to be understood by you, the audience.

It feels natural and the flow of the series is different from others. This means you need to get out of your comfort zone to fully enjoy and immerse into this anime series.

The anime is filled with supernatural, modern, dark, and violent themes with humor mixed in.

If you have watched Baccano! anime series (released in 2007) then you are more likely to appreciate Durarara!! as the same person has penned the two light novels the series is based on.

You can relate to Durarara!!’s characters which makes you feel more connected. Durarara!!’s characters include high school students, chefs, and bartenders among others.

The series mirrors modern society and strong parallels can be drawn between the two.

is durarara finished

Appeal to Different Types of Audiences

It’s no secret that anime has a large and devoted fanbase, who are some of the biggest proponents of shows like Durarara. This anime is beloved by many and has a special place in their hearts.

With its mix of aesthetics and highly engaging storylines, Durarara is a show that appeals to a variety of different types of audiences.

First and foremost, Durarara appeals to those who love action-packed stories with characters navigating through a complicated world full of secrets.

This show follows a group of teenagers wandering through Ikebukuro, uncovering its hidden criminal underworld, and attempting to discover the mysteries behind the urban legends of the mysterious “Headless Rider” and “Black Rider”.

While the show focuses mainly on action and mystery, it also has a substantial amount of character development and a complex web of relationships for viewers to explore.

Still, Durarara’s appeal doesn’t just lie in its narrative; the animation style is also captivating. When compared to other anime shows, the overall look of Durarara is undeniably unique.

It features a gritty, slightly gritty aesthetic that stands out from the rest. As a result, Durarara is sure to attract fans of edgier, darker works.

Moreover, Durarara also offers an interesting take on supernatural and supernatural creatures. Though the show mainly follows human characters, it also introduces viewers to specific supernatural elements and creatures that add a surreal element to its world.

From creatures and characters such as Celty Sturluson to the powerful and mysterious Dollars organization, these entities all offer a unique appeal to viewers that have an interest in supernatural lore.

And last but certainly not least, Durarara also has a unique sense of humor. The character dynamics and banter between protagonists are sure to bring a smile to viewers’ faces, as it does a great job of merging witty remarks with lighthearted moments.

This is yet another factor that adds to Durarara’s charm and sets it aside from other anime shows.

Overall, there are many reasons why Durarara is has earned itself a large fanbase. With its mix of action and mystery, interesting visuals, supernatural elements, and humour, this show offers something for any type of fan.

Whether you enjoy a thrilling adventure or something lighter, Durarara is sure to have something that you will love.

A New Take On Narration And Character Exploration

Durarara!!’s first few episodes may be challenging because too many characters are introduced and a lot happens that leaves you with more questions than answers.

But that is the beauty of the show. The series eventually answers your questions in ways you were not expecting.

You understand the character arcs better as you keep watching the show and it starts to make sense after a while.

For some, this is a dealbreaker but that is what others thought was great about the show. It is unexpectedly captivating.

The narration isn’t typical making it stand apart from the other anime series that anime lovers are used to watching.

Some say the narration made the show worse, but that depends on one’s taste in anime. The plot may seem messy at first because a lot happens in a short span, but that is what is intriguing about this anime series.

It steers away from the typical and boldly navigates for a fresh take. It has a blend of modern with supernatural aspects that makes it great for people who love anime series like Jujutsu Kaisen.

does durarara get better

Some may find the anime slow initially, but it picks up the pace and starts to put the pieces together.

You just need to have patience with this anime. If you don’t have that, then you can skip it. One recommendation is to pay attention to detail from the beginning so you don’t get lost in the later episodes.

A lot is revealed in the initial episodes only if one pays proper attention. The anime is a treat to the eyes with vibrant colors and it makes it a point to show what you should ignore and what needs your attention.

Immersive and Character-driven Series

Durarara!! is a character-driven show from the start. You get a glimpse of why each character is the way they are and what shaped them to be the people they are today.

The way the anime series explores the depth of the characters is commendable. The connection between the various characters is a joy to explore through the series in a never-before-seen experience.

You will get twists when you least expect it and the execution of the storyline is marvelous albeit with some flaws that can be easily overlooked.

The series makes you feel like a part of it as you get to see the same incident in multiple ways from many people’s viewpoints.

This allows you to form your own opinion and see how the viewpoints of the characters differ. It is different from what everyone is used to watching in anime but it makes it all the more appealing.

Rather than have a scattered timeline that often creates confusion, Durarara!! keeps it simple and focuses on the present. It has flashbacks but they are directly linked to what is happening now to give more context.

is durarara finished

Durarara!! is not a perfect anime series but it must be given a chance before being cast aside. Durarara!! may not be everyone’s cup of tea but that doesn’t make it any less worthy than other anime series.

If you are in for something new, then watch the first few episodes of Durarara!! to see how you like it.

If you feel immersed as many other fans did, then it may just be the anime series you are looking for! The anime doesn’t have hundreds of episodes like the popular ones so you can easily watch it in your spare time.

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