Wondering is Celty the main character in Durarara? In this article, we will discuss all the details about Celty and whether she is the main character in Durarara.

After watching the entire Durarara!! anime series and even reading the light novels by Ryohgo Narita, it is not a clear-cut answer as to who the actual protagonist is.

On one hand, we have Mikado who is with us from the beginning and who the series starts with. On the other hand, we have Celty Sturluson, who is also a major protagonist in the series.

Is she the main character in Durarara!! and have we been focusing on the wrong characters the whole while? Let us explore the possibilities that Celty is the main protagonist after all.

Is Celty The Main Character In Durarara?

An Interesting And Mysterious Character

Celty is a mysterious character in some ways because although we see her throughout the series, there is still a sense of secrecy around her.

When the series starts, we are led to believe that Mikado is the main character because we see the new town through his eyes and the focus is mainly on his experience.

Is Celty The Main Character In Durarara

But that doesn’t mean he is the protagonist, does it? Celty is the shroud of mystery from day 1.

Her life is slowly unraveled right before our eyes though so we understand her better eventually. We are interested in Celty from the start which can be a hint that she is the protagonist.

If you pay close attention then you will know that Mikado was pretending to be the new kid in the block when he came to the Ikebukuro.

In reality, it was Celty who was new and naïve when she came to the town. She was there to get something that belonged to her; her head! She had a purpose from the beginning.

A quest to find what truly belonged to her. Mikado was seen with the Dollars while Celty goes on and about by herself. If you think about this Celty is more interesting in comparison and is more of a protagonist.

Her Identity And Her Powers

Celty is shown to be a powerful being from the beginning. She saves people’s lives and even saves Mikado’s life when he tries to end his own life.

celty sturluson

She is the real hero at this point, isn’t she? She knows all the bad things that Mikado has done. But she still saves him perhaps because she knows he deserves a second chance.

She is true to her purpose which is saving people’s lives. This makes her a cool character who is better than Mikado who is lost most of the time and goes on the wrong path most of the time. Celty, in that sense, can be deemed as the protagonist of the series.

She is an Irish fairy (Dullahan) and she communicates via text because she doesn’t have a head. She tries her best to be human as she attempts to cook for Shinra at one point and is compassionate overall with how she interacts with others.

Initially, she feels like an outcast but Shinra’s love makes her know the truth is otherwise. Celty, despite having faced so much since he came to Japan, doesn’t give up and this determination indicates that she is the main character.

At times, we are shown her vulnerabilities but she doesn’t let those get in the way of her being the nice person she is.

how old is celty sturluson

Celty’s supernatural powers make her a character you can never get tired of. She has a familiar called Shooter which is amazing.

He can shape-shift into a motorcycle although his favorite is a headless horse. The shadow that goes up from her neck is a powerful weapon because she can use it as she sees fit.

She can do so many magnificent things with the help of that shadow. She tries to use her powers to the best of her ability even though she is forced to use them for violence because some people just deserve it.

Her Presence

Celty has a dominant presence because if she is in a scene, your focus will be on her. She has that aura about her that makes us believe she is the true protagonist in Durarara!!.

She makes a scene more compelling just by being in it. At every point, we root for her because she is that humble person who wants to do good at all times.

If you analyze Durarara!! you will notice that Celty wants her head back so she can get back her memories.

The story doesn’t leave her without her happy ending which is when she realizes that Shinra loves her no matter what and stops getting obsessed with finding her head.


Mikado’s ending comes before her after he is saved by her. Celty’s ending comes much later showing that perhaps the writers saved the best for the last! Celty’s resolve is stronger because of her purpose.

She has been looking for her head for 20 years and this gives her a better character background which makes sense for a protagonist.

If Mikado and Celty are compared, then Celty can be seen as a better character and a bigger protagonist than him because she has a lot more going on.

Nothing in Celty’s life seems that simple but somehow Celty manages to move ahead and in the end, live the life she wanted.  

Celty is an unforgettable character who is empathetic, loving, caring, and strong-willed. While she carries problems where she goes more often than her fans like to admit, she is an interesting character with many layers.

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She deserves the spotlight as the main character so it is highly probable that she is the main protagonist though there is still ongoing debate about it.

Durarara!! has so many protagonists that it is possible that a single main protagonist doesn’t exist. Rather, the story is filled with many protagonists who are equally important and should not be sidelined.

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