Are you curious to know is Celty a human? Read on to find out what makes her stand out from the rest, and whether or not she is actually a human.

Celty Sturluson is one of the chief characters in the anime series Durarara. She holds a central connection to the plot with her journey of finding her head in Japan where various scientists are exploring it.

Her romantic relationship with Shinra Kishitani is also a key storyline within the series. 

Is Celty a human?

Celty’s Origins

Celty is a Dullahan, i.e. a supernatural creature that is extensively discussed in Irish folklore. She is a fairy who is described in the mythologies as an evil presence. Her job was to guide the spirit towards their afterlife.

Her story in the series begins from the time she visited Japan in search of her lost head, which was later revealed to be stolen by doctor Shinigen.

She works as an underground transporter and uses it as a cover to conceal her intentions. She hides her identity and is referred to as the ‘headless rider’ by several characters. 

Is Celty a Human

Celty’s look throughout the series is impressionable as she is seen wearing a black biker suit with black shoes and gloves.

Her supernatural presence can be sensed through her shadows and hence, her clothing attempts to make it seem organic.

Her head has luscious brown tresses and blue eyes hinting that she is an attractive young woman. But sadly, she isn’t human and that becomes a cause of concern during her romantic pursuits with Shinra.

She is humble and helpful, and respectful towards humans, which makes Shinra remark that she possesses more humane qualities than humans themselves. 

Celty as a misfit 

Despite being supernatural and empowered, she faces an extensive amount of insecurity when she’s among humans.

She fears that her presence could bring bad luck upon others and that they might be scared away by her monstrous side.

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She frequently avoids encountering people and is anxious about how people would react to her going around without a head.

Eventually, in the presence of Shinra and his constant motivation, her insecurities begin to fade. He makes efforts to bring to her attention several similarities between herself and humans so that she feels less distant from the world. 

She is more powerful than regular humans but not as much as Shizuo Heiwajima and Simon Brezhnev. Given her powers, she is often asked to chase offenders and resolve the consequences of the crimes they have been committing.

For example, she got an assignment to rescue a man named Kaztano and get hold of the kidnappers. However, she gets scared of the kidnappers and subsequently ends up protecting Kazutano.

In another instance, she was following Takashi Nasujima to retrieve the money he had stolen.

But in the process, she gets attacked by an unknown entity and that disruption leads Takashi to drop the suitcase and she ultimately collected the money. 

Due to her supernatural persona, she was subjected to tremendous scrutiny by Shinra and his family members.

It even extended to Shingen’s second wife Emilia Kishitani, who has a charming and bubbly personality, but Celty usually believes that she is too good to be true.

She was apprehensive of Emilia performing an autopsy on her in the beginning, but then she was offered a million yen in cash and that quickly changed her mind.

However, the dramatic chase between Celty and Kuzuhara on the streets of Ikebukuro left her without the cash she graciously earned. She got very upset over it and didn’t know what to do with her life anymore. 

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Celty and Shinra

Celty eventually finds out the truth about her head. When she and Shinra contemplate their next step in the relationship, marriage plans begin to surface.

During that time, Shingen accidentally reveals that he was the one who separated her head with the Saika knife and sold it to Yagiri Pharmaceuticals.

Shingen immediately rushes off with this realisation and is chased by Celty. However, she fails to catch him and eventually returns home.

She was upset that Shinra too knew about it from the beginning and yet didn’t utter a word to her.

He made her realise that the reason behind his actions were to make sure she didn’t leave him after finding her head.

His possessiveness and his love for her true self made her realise his compulsions and that strengthened their relationship. 

Celty’s wavering mind

Throughout the series, she remains in a dilemma of whether or not to stay amongst humans. Initially, her plan was to take the head and return, but she did not anticipate falling in love with Shinra.

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She even attempted to stage a memory loss to leave Japan without hurting Shinra but her plan failed. Eventually, his devotion convinced her to stay and so she continued to go on various assignments. 

When she received a million yen, she was even introspective on how the people in her life complete her.

She has a relationship, job, shelter and a group of friends who care about her. She soon turns extremely affectionate towards human life thereafter and continues to explore the world through her experiences. 

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