Is Attack on Titan on Disney+? Here is a list of all the episodes that have been released so far, and whether or not they’re on Disney+. Keep reading to find out!

Attack On Titan is a dark fantasy Japanese anime series curated and created by Hajime Isamaya. It revolves around the life of Eren Yeager who fights back after their security is threatened by giant Titans.

It is an adaptation of a manga series of the same name that used to be serialised in Kodansha’s shonen manga magazine which was published monthly. 

Is Attack on Titan on Disney+?

Streaming Attack On Titan 

The streaming rights of Attack on Titan lie with Hulu and you can catch all the episodes there. They used to release new episodes every Sunday afternoon.

Is Attack on Titan on Disney+

Disney Plus also contains some Hulu shows, hence depending on your region, you may find it there as well. In some geographical locations like Italy, Japan or Singapore, it is available on Netflix as well. 

More About The Nine Titans

Every Titan, despite their enormous size, are bestowed some unique abilities that make them powerful in a distinct way.

While referring to the Nine Titans, the emphasis is on the nine different abilities that the specific titans have, that help them win over their enemy.

It has been passed down by the Eldian folks for approximately 2000 years following the demise of Ymir Fritz.

The names of the nine titans are – Armoured Titan, Attack Titan, Founding Titan, Female Titan, Beast Titan, War Hammer Titan, Cart Titan, Jaw Titan and Colossus Titan. 

Since Ymir Fritz was the first individual to attain the powers of a titan, she is regarded as the founding titan.

When she had three daughters, they inherited the powers and once they also reproduced, the power was ultimately divided among the nine descendants. 

Founding Titans have an edge over others since they can tap into and control the minds of other titans, modify their memories and more. 

Armoured Titans, as the name suggests, are gifted with strong and metallic skin resembling that of armour. They can turn their arms and feet into hardened structures. 

does disney+ have attack on titan

Attack Titans have mental superiority since they can capture the memories of all Titans in existence, be it from their past or future. They can estimate the opponent’s move and strategize accordingly. 

Female Titan has more fluid powers and can inherit the abilities at ease. The titan also has similar powers to armoured ones and can harden skill cells. The titan has teleportation abilities and can summon other Titans by screaming. 

Beat Titan also stays true to their name and can morph into many animals and inherit their physical attributes. 

Warhammer Titan can mould their skin into numerous weapons and necessary tools. The descendants could hide behind their strong skin and utilise the created structure from a distance. 

Cart Titan possesses the power of extreme speed and endurance. They have a quadrupedal form and they come with their own limitations since the titan tends to forget how they walk normally. 

Jaw Titan has brawny teeth and is capable of cutting through and drifting apart even the hardest of structures. 

Colossus Titan has the unique power of emitting steam in expansive amounts that may even resemble a furnace on the verge of blasting. The transformation process may differ as the speed is under the Titan’s control. 

Since the plot begins with Eren’s revenge, he is regarded as the final titan

Anticipation Of The End

Since the anime series is inching towards the end, fans are anticipating the plot of the final arc and how similar or dissimilar it would be to the manga series.

It is scheduled to be aired in 2023 and till now, there is a teaser hinting at the survival of certain characters. 

is aot on disney plus

The ending of manga may provide some direction. The series is definitely not for the weak-hearted since it has taken several gruesome turns and has exposed the audience to many painful deaths.

The main event towards the end is Eren giving way to the process of ‘rumbling’ that has the ability to destroy everything with the power of more than 600,000 colossal titans. It marks the rise of a catastrophe because almost anything could be trampled upon. 

Marley on the other hand is swayed after people gain consciousness of their memories and decides to give up his plan of waging a war.

He instead joins hands with the Allied Nations. It is important to note this strategic move that Eren puts forth by making use of his founding titan powers and summoning Armin for a conversation. 

The final ending, for now, can be marked by the scene where Mikasa eventually takes control over Eren. She mutilates his head away from his body and even kisses his head afterwards.

She is forced to take this step and hence, predictably, it brings her immense pain. She and Armin regarded him as a close friend and mourned their loss.

They even made an effort to bury him under the same tree that was associated with his childhood as he used to nap there. 

Is Attack On Titan Available On Netflix In The US?

Is Attack on Titan available on Netflix in the US? still remains a big “no”. This popular Japanese anime series is not available completely on Netflix at the moment, as only season is there on Netflix. However, there may be certain chances to watch it soon!

For fans of Attack on Titan in the US, there are a few options to watch the anime. The series is available for streaming on Crunchyroll, Hulu, and Funimation.

Although it is a subscription-based service, with a monthly fee, you will be able to access the entire series and gain access to the latest episodes.

Moreover, Attack on Titan is also available on Disney+ in the US. It is included in the classic anime collection that is available with a subscription.

Disney+ also offers the anime series in its uncut and original form. This means that viewers can enjoy the series in its full scope and experience the emotional core of the popular series to its fullest.

In addition, viewers can also rent or buy the series from various websites. Amazon Video and iTunes are offering electronic sell-through (EST) for Attack on Titan.

This means that viewers can buy the entire series and watch it whenever they want. However, this may not be a viable option for some as it involves a hefty sum of money.

Although there is currently no way to watch Attack on Titan using Netflix, there might be in the future.

Netflix is well-known for adding classic shows and anime specials to the streaming service. It doesn’t seem unlikely that Attack on Titan will join the service at some point.

Considering the highly acclaimed series has already been released on many other streaming platforms, it’s only a matter of time before it is available on Netflix for US viewers. Until then, you can watch the series on one of the other platforms mentioned above.

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