Is Attack Of Titan Based In Germany

Is Attack Of Titan Based In Germany 2022?

Wondering is Attack Of Titan based in Germany? Are you a fan of Attack on Titan? If so, you might be interested to know that it is possibly based in Germany. Read on to find out more about this exciting news!

Attack on Titan is a massively popular anime series that has been successfully running since 2013. Based on the popular manga by creator Hajime Isayama, the anime series attracted fans worldwide for its mythical setting and complex weaving of the storylines.

Is AOT based in Germany

A plethora of characters, complicated relationships, and out-of-this-world violence have made AOT a worldwide phenomenon.

Speculations about its serious themes and locations started doing the rounds soon after the anime series was accessible to the American audience. Is AOT based in Germany? Let us find out if there is any truth behind this or if all this is just a theory that fans have made up.

Is Attack Of Titan Based In Germany?

Why people think it is based in Germany

Comparisons between the town in Germany and the fictional world started early. It was further fueled when a journalist went to Nordlingen to see if it is the inspiration behind the city Shinganshina.

where is attack on titan located

Upon reaching there he confirmed that the fictional city has been heavily inspired by the city in Germany because the two looked too similar! This sent fans into a tizzy and many still make it a point to visit the city when they are in Germany.

According to some sources, the city has been popularized thanks to the journalist and fans of AOT from all over the globe. But if you look at the walls and the architecture, then it seems much bigger than Germany for sure.

Another reason why many people believe that the show is based in Germany is because of the names of the characters which sound German.

The names make it feel like most of the characters are from Germany and so naturally the setting may be Germany if we think about it that way. However, there is no confirmation about the same and it is all a theory made up by fans.

Some people found that there is a song in German. But others pointed out how the composer of that song takes reference from German and it means nothing more than his liking for that language. So maybe the fans are just looking too much into it!

But that is not all! Fans have good reason to believe that the series is based in Germany. The uniforms, the themes, and certain scenes apparently mimic real German life. Some theorists have said that the series borrows from Holocaust and World War II.

If you look closely, it is true and we must applaud those fans who have looked so closely to find out parallels between real life and the fictional world created in AOT.

It is not apparent if it is done on purpose or if it is a coincidence but as the series progresses, we can see that it was done on purpose to delve into more intense themes that are still relevant today.

What the creators have to say about the similarity

The creators have said that it is a mere coincidence that the two cities, fictional Shinganshina and the real Nordlingen (in Germany), look so similar.

They say they have not based the fictional city on the real one and there was no intentional inspiration whatsoever. Even Hajime Isayama has refuted claims that he took inspiration from the actual city in Germany.

does aot take place in germany

He has said that he took inspiration from Japanese culture when making AOT because Japanese people like to live by themselves and are used to loneliness even though it is not always what they want. WIT President George Wada said that the whole idea of the giant wall depicts the ‘wall of fear.’

The theme of people trying to overcome their fear is what AOT is about as characters become brave to fight giant beasts that threaten their lives.

They train and they become courageous to fend off those large creatures who wreak havoc on their livelihoods and take away the people who they love the most.

The anime series has everything that an anime needs which is why it is so popular. The creators may have not borrowed the environment and the setting from real life, but they have intricately woven the themes in a compelling manner that is realistic in their execution.

The verdict

The resemblance is uncanny is the first thing we want to say because it looks like too much of a coincidence. But then again Germany isn’t the only place where the houses were built this way and so we can give the creators the benefit of the doubt.

Regardless, AOT is one of the most interesting anime series today because of how it tackles themes such as friendship and hardship.

While the themes are very much real, the reality of whether the houses were inspired by the city in Germany or not does not take away the importance of Attack on Titan. The iconic anime series will remain iconic no matter what! What do you think?

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