Invasion From Planet Wrestletopia #1 And 2 Comes Into The Ring For Free Comic Book Day

Invasion From Planet Wrestletopia #1 And 2 Comes Into The Ring For Free Comic Book Day 3

The Daily Fandom graces our readers with a mixture of the manliest theater and the nerdiest medium by throwing a review out for Invasion from Planet Wrestletopia #1 – 2. Invasion from Planet Wrestletopia written by Ed Kuehnel and Matt Entin, art by Dan Schkade and Marissa Louise, and lettering by A Larger World Studios rounded out this squad.

This action/comedy centers around Rory “Rock N’ Roll” Landell who throws out a challenge into space that will rock Earth forever. Will he be able to defeat the best wrestler in the universe Manifest Destiny? Will he manage to beat a bear? Can he even bother to go into the ring? The best way for a reader to find these answers is to grab a copy of #3 that will appear in time for Free Comic Book Day!

The Writing — By Obvious Fans — Brings Out The Best In Invasion From Planet Wrestletopia

I’m not a fan of wrestling, but I dabbled in honor of my friends. The big quality to notice about this work is the fact that the writers have their research down. Despite the fantastical qualities of the premise, there are mentions to the true nature of wrestling, and how difficult life can be for participants. There are those slight nods to the men and women outside of the mask, which I appreciate. It gives a proper duality to those behind the mask while offering the persona of who they are in the mask.

Invasion from Planet Wrestletopia
Invasion From Planet Wrestletopia: Suspicious Behavior Productions

I also enjoyed that they kept a humorous tone throughout so it never went too dark. The other aspect of wrestling is the pageantry and the strangeness that comes from weird character portrayals. What always interested me wasn’t the punching as much as how these events work to a plotline. Wrestling has their heroes, their villains, and the people’s desire to see good triumph over evil. The adventure-comedy route is a strong way to tie all those various ideas together. If they went too dark, the joy of the premise would be lost.

The issue in writing I see is the possibility that Wrestletopia won’t hit for wide appeal. It’s fun to read if you pick up the issues and give them a chance. The problem, however, is the willingness to throw yourself into Wrestletopia on hope. You might need three issues to invest yourself in the series.

Art You Can Take Or Pass But Serves Wrestletopia Well So Far

The art isn’t bad by any means. In fact, I’d say the coloring and line art gives a diverse cast with a plethora of body types. The women and men weren’t sexualized to an extreme in one way or another. They showed up in a dignified manner even in skimpy clothing in other contexts. I also loved a lot of the classic costumes that came along with this genre.

Invasion From Planet Wrestletopia
Invasion From Wrestletopia: Suspicious Behavior Productions

My angle is that it hasn’t quite hit the ‘holy heck that’s super cool’ threshold. I expect from a wrestling premise to have that same aura of pushing the boundaries. For me, I’d want the artists to go harder in the next issue to show off more styles in costume. My thought process goes the newer foes need to be larger than life so they need clothes that are the same. I got a taste of the ridiculous primary colors. My dramatic personality demands that this comic remain as dramatic.

Should You Challenge Invasion From Planet Wrestletopia?

The concept of Invasion from Planet Wrestletopia is specific, but the comic promises to have a fun time. I have to acknowledge that there’s a bit of a lockout for this series when it comes to understanding all the nuances. I’d continue to say there will be an appeal if you go in blind since it might even spark an interest in wrestling.

In regards to the writing, the dialogue remains snappy, while being strong enough to reach for those serious moments. I’m searching for a bit more from the art towards character design, but the set-up gives me hope.

Incorporate The Darker Side Of Wrestling While Still Maintaining Humor
Diversity In Characters
It Was Enjoyable And Fun
I Could Take The Art Or Leave The Art
It's A Really Specific Niche
You Might Need Some Concept Of Wrestling To Understand It All

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