Into The Dark: The Body — A Hulu Original Horror Anthology Spoiler Review

The Body

Hulu is taking the Netflix approach to streaming and creating its own horror originals. Beginning with Into The Dark: The Body, a two-part horror anthology. The first film/series premiered October 5th, 2018, and the second is premiering November 2nd, 2018. While the horror season will be over by the time the second anthology comes, the first one The Body came right in time for the spooky season. It has also been released that each of the anthologies will be set in the time they are released. This one being Halloween and the second being Thanksgiving.

Quick Synopsis Of Into The Dark: The Body

The first episode The Body is set in selfie-culture, you know a culture where millennials always take selfies? Yes, that and in the culture of Los Angeles on Halloween night. It follows a sophisticated, overconfident hitman who always carries his work out in and with style. Into The Dark: The Body was directed by Paul Davis and written by Davis and Paul Fisher. You can find Davis and Fisher both on Twitter.

Who Is Playing Who?

  • Tom Bateman, who plays Wilkes.
  • Rebecca Rittenhouse, who plays Maggie.
  • Aurora Perrineau, who plays Dorothy.
  • David Hull, who plays Allan.
  • Ray Santiago, who plays Jack.
  • Harvey Guillen, who plays Nick.

Into The Dark: The Body — The Acting/Actors

What do we make of budgeted horror films on streaming services? The majority of the time, the acting is subpar, the plot is long and winded, and – above all else – not much makes sense, right? Well, while Into The Dark: The Body is not perfect, it’s also not bad either. The acting is not perfect, by any means, but it is bearable in a great way. The specific friend-gang (who we will call them from now on), Dorothy, Allen, and Jack are average actors.

However, Wilkes is a fantastic main villain-killer trope. He is scary, a bit mysterious, and not half-bad to look at – which is the making for a serial killer. (Also, his real name is Tom Bateman…) The other main character, Maggie, who isn’t a half-bad character either – is obsessed with serial killers. Either that, or she likes that bad-boy trope and wants to, for some reason, date a murderer. Either way, her story ends about an hour into the movie, so don’t get used to her character.

While she was here, though, she wasn’t bad. Maggie’s acting was good and towards the end, even better. Something that kept the interest in the series other than Wilkes. The friend-gang (who is mentioned above) only ever yells, “shit,” “fuck,” or “OMG” throughout the entire film. At least for the most part. The rest of the time they are running around L.A. with a dead body and no one notices? Like ever? It’s kind of bizarre.

Into The Dark: The Body — The Writing

Plot-wise, and well before we got to the end, this movie started relatively slowly. Things were just being set-up rather slowly for us. After a while, it got better. Half-way through, it got even better. There are going to be certain twists and turns that surprise you. We were shaken by some of the events and climaxes that took place. Even some of the deaths were a bit spooky.

Going into this film, we didn’t expect much. Streaming service indies are either good, bad, or ugly. Thankfully, we got a bit in-between but not bad; which is fantastic for viewers. A lot might not want to take a chance with a new indie horror series/film, but this is well worth it. The friend-group, as aforementioned, don’t make the movie intolerable to watch. That adds a bonus to the writing. They don’t act that well, and sometimes they can be a bit corny – but, overall, they keep the writing moving along.

The Horr-ificly Good Parts

The gore was not so upsetting and stomach-churning that you did not want to watch the film, which is notably nice. While it is gore-y so beware, it seems fake (or more so that we know it is fake) so it doesn’t make you feel grossed out. A good horror film doesn’t make you feel grossed out about the actual horror, and this did that truly well.

Crazily enough, though, in the last fifty seconds of the film, shit literally hits the fan. We won’t spoil the ending, for the sake of watching the actual series yourself. But by the end, you will truly be shaken by the events that take place. The ending is one of the most twisted endings of all, and we didn’t even see it coming. I bet you won’t either.

The Horr-ific Parts — But, Not Really…

There are not many bad parts. By the end, it is understood why things are elaborated to the fullest extent. Based in L.A., it is a film that is supposed to be glorifying and making fun of selfie-culture, millennial culture, and the ideal of being obsessed with oneself (or at least social media, for that matter). After you realize it was supposed to be making fun of this culture, you understand why the friend-gang is elaborated.

While we didn’t prefer their dramatic acting style, it worked for the film and didn’t deter us in any way with how we viewed the film. The bad parts are not genuinely bad parts because they, at the end of the day, work just fine for the film. Like we stated earlier, you can find good, bad, and ugly indie horror films across streaming services. This is not one of them. It is a quality film. It has great directing, producing, and cinematography.

Should You Watch Into The Dark: The Body?

The short answer: yes. Long answer: yes, because it is a quality horror film from October. With Halloween coming up, the spooky vibes are in the air. This film has twists, turns, and surprisingly unique writing. We had a few spoilers, but we tricked you a bit (sorry in advance). If you have a spare hour and a half, watch it. You certainly won’t regret it, it’s quite a fun film.

Did you watch Into The Dark: The Body? What did you think of it?

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