Going to a convention always means fun, excitement, friendship and general geekery. However, it also means getting lots of photos, booklets and little souvernis that might end up at the end of your bag, or lost. Where should you put those photo ops? Wouldn’t it nice to keep also the train tickets? What about all the funny things that happened and you don’t want to forget?

Shelley and Ted were enjoying a con when they suddenly started wondering the same things. And thus, the Con*Quest Adventure Journal was born. We’ve asked Shelley a few questions so you can get to know more about what exactly is the Con*Quest Journal Adventure Journal and why you should totally get one.

Where did the idea for this project come from?I’ve been a fangirl for years and I started attending cons in 2008, doing pr for The Twilight Lexicon fansite. I began vending at fan and comic cons with the One Less Nemesis t-shirt brand. My business partner and I began building the business and working at conventions of all sizes. We also made sure to get photo ops and go to panels and generally promote our shirts and have fun while at the shows. Then in January of 2014, while vending at Portland Comic Con, I walked by the plain journal booth and the plastic photo protector booth, both of which were busy. I went back to our table and we talked about why that was the case. Con goers were buying sleeves to protect their artwork and photo ops. They were buying journals to take notes and perhaps get autographs in or original sketches. Then it hit us! Let’s combine those things, plus add places for all of the business cards you get a con and all the little bits and make a journal especially for con goers! We began writing up what the journal would include, the name and how we could find a manufacturer to work with. The Con*Quest Adventure Journal™ was born! By February, we were having our first test journal created to sell at Creation Entertainment’s Supernatural con – we sold out at that show.-What are the benefits that come from owning a Con*Quest Journal?The Con*Quest Adventure Journal has pages for everything you do at a con: Autograph Quest, Artist Quest, Vendor Quest, Cosplay Quest, Panel Quest, City Quest and Peep Quest, along with protective sleeves for artwork, comics and photo ops, a business card holder and a zipper pouch. Con goers can have their favorite celebrities and artists sign right on the pages. It’s the place to stick, stuff and journal their con adventure!When you go to a con, you often collect lots of stuff, small and large, important and not. You are waiting in line and going to panels and getting autographs and taking notes. The Con*Quest Adventure Journal gives everyone a place to collect all of this and have a wonderful physical compilation of their convention experience. Our goal was to create a book that attendees can really use while at the show, so it helps to organize and protect everything. Even though we live in a very digital world, cons are a very physical experience. This journal was made for that. Plus it’s a great to share what all of those experiences later with friends who maybe haven’t been or weren’t able to attend. Finally, we hope to inspire people to get prints of their best snapshots from their phones and put them in the journal.

-What is the best thing that has happened to ConQuest Journal?

We have had a lot of really wonderful moments with this business, but so far the highlight has to be the successful funding of our Kickstarter campaign on July 30. Before the campaign (and during) we received wonderful reviews from some very notable blogs and sites. Then with the Kickstarter, we got the same amazing feedback directly from backers, who are ultimately our customers. So that feedback further solidified that we had something very special we were doing. Plus the funding allowed us to take the business to the next level with a larger production run that included a few tweaks from the initial test runs. Kickstarter short link:  http://kck.st/1sSdf6L

-Do you have any special promotion or sale going on at the moment?

We do! We will be at New York Comic Con in booth 2770 and we offering $5 off the journal and custom long handled tote bag when attendees preorder through the Etsy shop at: http://etsy.me/1s4V0sg and they can save $15 when they order 2 at http://etsy.me/1tybDgM.

For those not attending NYCC, they should keep an eye out for holiday specials coming up. The journal would make a great gift for anyone who has gone or plans to attend a con in 2015.

-To those con-goers that are still undecided wether they should get one or not, what would you tell them?

You’re going to get stuff at a con. Don’t let it sit in the bottom of your backpack or in your desk drawer after the show. Get a Con*Quest Adventure Journal™ to capture all of the fun, the good, the bad and the memories, whether it’s for one con or for several. You can truly make it your own. And when the con is over, instead of feeling those post-show blues, you’ll have your journal to keep it going.

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