Do You Want To Internship With The Daily Fandom?

Do you want an internship with The Daily Fandom? Well, look no further! We have an opportunity for you. If you have ever wanted to write for The Daily Fandom, the time is now. We accept rolling applications. Rolling applications means that we accept them year-round, but we don’t respond within 24 hours. We get a huge amount of applications, so we cannot respond to everyone. If you don’t get a response, feel free to email — but we apologize that we cannot get in contact with each person. (Only one person looks over all of the applications, which is the CEO @sharecacole)

The Daily Fandom Internship Positions:

If you want the experience, college credits, or simply just to write, apply below. Right now, these are internships since we don’t make revenue from the website. However, we have creators that are using The Daily Fandom for college credit for their universities. We don’t make any revenue from the website — therefore we cannot pay interns at the moment. Nonetheless, what we can pay you in advanced reviews of comics, films, tv shows, and the like.

We often get advanced reviews for any comics, films, tv series, and the like and you will have access to review any of the advanced content we get. We also have the ability to go to cons as well which interns are allowed to go to under The Daily Fandom. While we can’t pay in money, we do reimburse in advanced reviews, conventions, free screenings for films, and the like. Our internship contributor position lasts for 6-8 months; just about a semester or quarter. You are welcome to terminate before the end date and renew the internship as well.

What Are The Internships Focused On?

The internship is a writing internship; The Daily Fandom writes about topics of fandom, culture, comics, news, and animanga. For internship credit, you will be writing an article every week (or two), for non-internship credit, you will be writing twice a month. College credit is more extensive because they have a certain number of hours to uphold. However, we have opportunities for advanced comic reviews, culture advanced screenings, indie film screeners, and even literature books to review. The top tiers are comic advanced reviews for a handful of indie pubs, and culture screeners for NBC, FOX, Netflix, and indie films from indie production companies. These are not things you have to do, you only write what you feel comfortable with.

Nonetheless, writing is a huge aspect of the internship/contributor position — so, if you like that, you would like it here. You not only learn to write in an online setting with a team, but also to partake in things that might be new to you that you may have always wanted to do. We have a few writers who came on-board for one section and now write culture reviews and comic reviews.

The Daily Fandom is a place to truly expand on what you like and also get into what you may not have experience with. The team we have here is welcoming and friendly — we try to keep a close-knit team of people who love the craft of not only writing but fandom. We have monthly meetings to keep in check, and podcast opportunities as well.

It Is The Era Of Fandom, Haven’t You Heard?

Being a part of a place where you can post/talk and converse about any fandom has always been my favorite aspect of The Daily Fandom. It’s something that I’ve always wanted to be a part of. Websites sometimes act like you are robots who produce content and nothing more, they don’t really engage with you, but that is not what we do here at TDF.

If you don’t like the topic, you don’t have to write about it. Everyone loves some form of fandom, and everyone is welcoming to whichever one you like too. What we love about The Daily Fandom is when you do write, it’s about the things you care about.

If You Want To, You Can Learn More About Us:

If you want to learn more about The Daily Fandom, you can check our “about” page. We supply culture, comics, fandom, news, and so much more. We have recently evolved and grown into more categories across the web. You may be able to find something you enjoy.

If you are waiting longer than a month (30 days), please send an email to and we will get back to you ASAP. If you have any questions along the way, please don’t hesitate to ask them in that same email. We are more than happy to answer any questions you have about anything. Be sure to keep your eyes peeled on your email for any correspondence with us!

Updated & CLOSED Applications:

If you want to apply, please find the posting on Indeed and use that form. The Jotform is currently down/experiencing glitches.

  1. General Internship (Culture & AniManga)
  2. Comics Internship (Comic Reviews & Analysis)
  3. Fandom Internship (Fan Recs, OTP/Bae Watch, Internet Subcultures; LGBTQIA+, etc.)
  4. Editorial Internship (Editing & Writing)